An children's rights Event organized by IMWU and IHRAAM in the UNCGR

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A Seminar was organised by IMWU and cosponsored  by IHRAAM and WUNRN in UNCGR Geneva on 13th of March 2019 

 Title of the event was  children's rights  .

The speakers from different parts of the world addressed the event 

1.Mrs Shamim Shawl Representative of IMWU Chaired the event   

2. Ms M.Janifer 

Australian Acadamision 

3 Sarah Qassimyer

United human rights council frsnce 

4. Dr Madelline

President health and environment programme 

5. Ms Catherine 

South African human rights activist.

6 Ms Taybah  Bashir 

University  lecturer Azad kashmir 

The seminar was on children's rights in conflict zones  and role of NGOs . 

How war effects the health  education  and 

 Environment of the children .  With reference to Palestine and kashmir

Safety at school and accessing a safe education are vital to all children but  unfortunately it is not only denied in Indian occupied Kashmir  Denial of education opportunities often means denial of future for young çhildren. the non governmental organization Health and Environment Program                   recommend to save the climate and the children by protecting their environment for a                           better health. It urges India to renounce at all aggressive acts against Pakistan that                           are harming in the same time the population and especially the children of the                           Kashmir region. The right to health and the right to live in a healthy environment is                               an asset for peace and development in Kashmir and around the world.

 Sarah  in her statement focused on Palestine issue and future of children who are denied to their basic  rights  and land . Others focussed on global issues and   youth participation . They

appreciated  the work of imwu at global level.