Alqaradaghi links normalization deals to campaign aimed to monopolize Islamic countries

Alqaradghi has linked recent normalization deals between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Israel to a campaign aimed at undermining Islam and monopolizing the Islamic countries.


Raissouni: The UAE spreads hatreds and conspiracies around the world

The President of the IUMS, Ahmed Raissouni, launched a sharp attack on the UAE, accusing it of "spreading wars, hatred and conspiracies" around the world.

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IUMS forbids normalization with Israel

Hitting back at last month's controversial UAE-Israeli deal, IUMS with a group of global Muslim scholars on Tuesday issued a (fatwa) forbidding normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Dear Muslims, Let’s Spend Ramzan At Home & Follow COVID Guidelines

People who are flouting the lockdown and still going to religious places / mosques to offer prayers, are certainly not aware of true Islam.

The rights of children before birth

Dr.Jaser Aoudeh