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    IUMS statement condemns massacres committed by Syrian, Iranian regimes, and Hizbullah militias     IUMS congratulates Egyptian leadership on success in bringing home kidnapped soldiers     IUMS condemns the murder of British soldier in Woolwich, London     Al-Qaradaghi receives the Grand Mufti of Kosovo     IUMS declares solidarity with massive sit-ins and protests of Bangladeshi people on April 6th     IUMS demands Sri Lankan government to protect the rights of Muslims, establishing dialogue with their leaders     IUMS Secretary General meets Vice President of Sudan Scholarly Council     IUMS condemns assault on mosques, holds regime responsible for the death of Syrian scholar Al-Bouti     IUMS Secretary General meets Bangladeshi representative of the JI and a British delegation     IUMS message to the Doha Arab Summit calls for real unity, solidarity, progress     Al-Qaradaghi receives the Japanese Embassy Political Secretary at union headquarters     IUMS condemns repression of protesters, urges release of political leaders, protection of human rights     Al-Qaradaghi meets scholars and professors from Bosnia and Herzegovina     Dagestan Document on Jihad (struggle), the land of war and the killing of imams     IUMS calls for international Friday to reclaim Syrian rights
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