Raissouni: The UAE spreads hatreds and conspiracies around the world

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Raissouni: The UAE spreads hatreds and conspiracies around the world


The President of the IUMS, Ahmed Raissouni, launched a sharp attack on the UAE, accusing it of "spreading wars, hatred and conspiracies" around the world.

This came in Raissounis article, entitled “The Great UAE Withdraws Its Forces and Announces Its Achievements?”, In reference to Abu Dhabi’s announcement to withdraw its forces from Yemen.

Raissouni said, "Years of this grinding war in Yemen; what have they brought to the people of Yemen? Have they made the country and its people more united? Or more peaceful and secure? Or made them in a better condition of living?"

Raissouni also asked denouncing, "How many Yemenis have been killed or wounded in this war, and how many of them have been displaced inside and outside Yemen ?, How many homes and public and private facilities have been destroyed? How much money and economic ruin did this war cost? And for how long will this war continue in all its end, under the shadow of Your new strategy?

The President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars added, "The UAE is distinguished and unique from the rest of the world by having a ministry for spreading tolerance and a ministry for spreading happiness. And from the intensity of its tolerance and happiness to its people, it accused the idols of Buddha and Judah and the worshipers of Satan, and other temples of polytheism, paganism and prostitution ... But when I went to Yemen, where was it clear to spread tolerance and happiness in the happy Yemen?

Raissouni notes here that the UAE provided a plot of land to build a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, and the authorities there recently erected a statue of Buddha on the road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars went on to attack Abu Dhabi, "The UAE has imported a number of sheikhs, Sufis, thinkers, journalists and Muslim sages, known for their constant preaching and propaganda for peace, harmony, tolerance, the promotion of peace, coexistence, moderation and the renunciation of violence."

Then he asked denouncing, "What effect do these have in curbing the wars, hatreds, and conspiracies that the UAE spreads all over the world? Or are they only intended to disguise, cover and whitewash black crimes?"

He referred to what he considered to be contradictions in Emirati politics, saying, "I entered Yemen and waged its war in it, in the name of legitimacy, to support legitimacy and establish legitimacy, and to defeat the illegal Houthi coup ... as well as its imported sheikhs ... so why were the UAE and its sheikhs the first to break the legitimacy supporting the revolutionaries, in Egypt, Turkey, and Libya?

Raissouni also asked, "Why does the UAE put all its capabilities, and the capabilities of its allies, to erase the legitimacy and support the coup and oppression in Libya, led by the prince of wars and bloodshed, Khalifa bin Haftar Al Nahyan?"