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Hamas mourns Palestinian killed by Israeli settler in Salfit

Hamas Movement mourned the death of the Palestinian Ali Harb, 27, who was stabbed in the heart by a Jewish settler as "he was fending off an attack by Israeli settlers on Iskaka town near the occupied West Bank city of Salfit."

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, the Movement considered the crime as "an extension of the horrendous war launched by Israeli settlers on the Palestinian people and their holy sites and property."

“It comes as a result of state-sponsored incitement by the Israeli occupation, which gave the settlers the green light to practice systematic terrorism across historic Palestine,” the statement reads.

The Movement held the Israeli occupation responsible for "the settlers’ violence"; stressing that "the Palestinian people will always be ready to confront Israeli occupation forces and colonial settlers."

Earlier Tuesday, a Palestinian young man succumbed to a fatal stabbing to the heart by a Jewish settler in the West Bank city of Salfit.
 Souce : The Palestinian Information Center


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