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The meeting of Sheikh Qaradawi with the Turkey youth


 Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, president of IUMS, along with Dr. Ali Sheikh Mohiuddin Qara Daghi met number of Turkey scholars; he met with a group of youth of the Islamic nation in Turkey.


His Eminence Sheikh Qaradawi during a meeting with youth people who have been on the sidelines of the World Conference to unite hijri Calendar days ago, he was pleased and hopes for those youth people where he described both of them who carries a great responsibility towards the Muslim nation in the footsteps of companions may Allah please them. He reminds the youth people about the jewelry of the religion of Islam, which is the mercy, and that ALLAH Almighty sent the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him a mercy to the worlds and blessing to the faithful, and with glimpses from the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him how he knew the faithful and educate them and praise them.


 His eminence adds that "the Islamic message is not a trivial message, but is the greatest messages and a conclusion messages. You guys the nation Holders of this great message, the companions of prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, carries it before us and they are the best of a generation and better generations of mankind which carried the message of ALLAH to the people" and who They came after them say: our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who have gone before us in faith and do not make in our hearts for those who believe our Lord You Merciful. "The task should not end on one generation but the other generations should continue this eternal islamic message."


His eminence said "you brothers are like the companions the Prophet peace be upon him, who wants to take his luck in the victory of Islam he must militate in all fields of life science and worship, behavior and jihad and the fear of ALLAH and love of the good of the people and all the things the companions did. You youth people are a new version of the companions you represent this generation. No one say what can I do, you, young man, you have a lot of to do, ALLAH guided and no one know the path except you. Don’t despair you will win in the Dunia by ALLAH’s will.


His Eminence Sheikh Qaradawi concluded pray for the youth of the nation and for Turkey and its government, which has embraced the Islamic nation in the present day, and added: "The most important thing is that you feel you guys that you carry the big message this is a message of companions and that each one of you to feel the responsibility of Abu Bakr and some Omar  some Ali and Abuzar and Khalid bin Walid, each one of you to choose one of the companions and his way approach in carrying the message. Not to forget that ALLAH will never let us down. ALLAH is with you, ALLAH is with the faithful and patient and benefactors. "


And it brings the young Muslims captured much opportunity to meet up with Al-Qaradawi and a sign to the nation and his poems translated into the Turkish language, especially the poem "Muslims." They have shown that they are living and brought up on the books and the writings of Sheikh Qaradawi and pursuing its work and sacrifices and struggle over many years in various Muslim countries and Islamic nation.


Young has written verses of a poem on the peer-Muslims, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, strength during the meeting on the ears of the eminence and stated:


To Imam Sheikh Yusuf A-Qaradawi:


From you we learned to cheer Muslims      Oh Sheikh be safe we are coming


WE are the youth of your path                       We accept to die and refuses to underestimate


We are troubled with your tears                   You the heir of Mohamad the honest       


Don’t be mad we swear to ALLAH                 You are Talha, Fateh, and Hussein


Live eternal in our chests                               You are the Imam of Ummah


Pray for us ALLAH to protect                         His Muslim worships that are coming


Coming, Muslims, Muslims                          Muslims, coming, coming



قره داغی: ارتباط مرسی با حماس جاسوسی و سفر شکری به اسرائیل صله‌ی رحم است!


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