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IUMS launches training on “Family between International Conventions and Islamic View”

The Women Committee of the IUMS, Egypt branch, and its head Yasmine Al-Hosari have inaugurated a training program on "Family between International Conventions and the Islamic View”. The first meeting of the program was held on Tuesday 20 Muharram 1434 H, the 4th of December 2012 at the headquarters of the El-Hosari Association for Public Religious and Social Services. The event saw participation by around one hundred graduates of the religious institution affiliated with the El-Hosari Association.

Prof. Fathi Abu Al-Ward – General Director of the IUMS Cairo branch – participated in the inauguration and stressed the importance of the role of the family in building society and the danger of the fierce attack against families to westernize them, and destroy its value and ethics system. Eventually, Prof. Fathi clarified, these campaigns would lead to the destruction of the family system to be followed by the collapse of the whole society. The Cairo branch director then excused himself to allow the actual proceedings of the program to start.

Daiyah Yasmine Al-Hosari spoke about the prominent role that graduates of the religious institution can play in spreading awareness in society regarding the dimensions of this westernizing attack on the family, and the ways to face such an attack through reclaiming the educational role of the family toward the young generations and educating mothers on their pivotal role inside their families.

Engineer Kamilia Helmi, Head of the International Islamic Committee for Women and Children and member of the Women committee of the IUMS explained the major dangers of international conventions concerning women and children starting from raising the age of childhood to 18 and the following raise of marriage age while at the same time lowering the age of illegal relations between the sexes. She reviewed articles of international conventions that consider marriage under 18 a crime yet describe the preservation of a girl’s virginity a kind of "sexual suppression” and urging governments to provide girls with all freedom to decide when to become "sexually active”.

Engineer Kamilia also reviewed articles included in international agreements that give homosexuals all rights to be equal to heterosexuals through exchanging the term "sex” with "gender” which means category and pointed out the hazards of such articles on family and society.

Kamilia stressed the necessity of setting down various mechanisms and methods to stand up to the western attack on the family and protecting it from the globalization of the western lifestyle carried out through international conventions and agreements concerned with women and children. The IUMS women committee member further recommended setting methods and mechanisms to spread the Islamic view of the family and introduce it to society at all its levels.

The program on "Family between International Conventions and the Islamic View” will continue along three months, holding two lectures per month, and will be concluded with a workshop to discuss the role that participants can play in protecting the family and spreading awareness in society.



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