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The Committee for Reviewing the Draft Declaration for the Protection of the Family


The Committee for Reviewing the Draft Declaration for the Protection of the Family


The family institution, made up of a man and woman gathering in marriage, is the first nucleus for the formation of societies and nations. This institution has been the subject of considerable care in the different religions and civilizations since this nucleus shapes cultures, ethics and engraves the identity of nations. It is no secret that the family faces many challenges today that threaten its entity, a matter that needs no proof further than reviewing some of the UN documents on women and children that overlook the cultural diversity in human societies.


The Family Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars has observed an obvious contradiction between some of the content of international covenants regarding women and children on the one hand, and the system of religious and human values on the other.


While we emphasize the complete rejection of all forms of violence against women, we affirm at the same time our rejection of violating the national legislations and sovereignty guaranteed in many international covenants that act as a frame for nations’ right to protect their cultural and civilizational identity.



Hence, the Family Committee of the IUMS recommends the following:


First: Emphasizing the importance of endorsing the values and ethics rooted in the Islamic religion, in revealed religions and natural disposition.


Second: Urging Muslim governments and decision makers to insist on the reservations made on all the clauses contradicting with the Islamic Shariah and natural disposition.


Third: Enriching the UN system with Islamic terminology and concepts concerned with family and children.


Fourth: Endorsing the concept of duty versus the concept of rights since the duty of each side is the right of the other.


Fifth: Demanding the establishment of a UN "committee for the condition of the family” in addition to valuing all initiatives in this concern.


Sixth: Respecting the complete sovereignty of countries in managing their internal affairs, empowering them to formulate their own programs legislatively, politically, socially, and economically in accordance with their core, human values.



Committee members:-



1. Prof. Buthayna Qarori

2. Aisha Balhajjar

3. Maysoon Mohamed Al-Mubarak

4. Sayeda Mahmoud Mohamed

5. Suzan Rafiq Al-Mashharawi

6. Prof. Maryam Haroon Mostafa

7. Prof. Nawrah Ibrahim Al-Omar

8. Prof. Khadija Badahdah

9. Prof. Asmaa Ghaleb Al-Qurashi

10. Prof. Amira Al-Saedi




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