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Sudan is the land of goodness and good people

Dr. Raja Mohammed Saleh

Sudan is the land of goodness and good people, no matter how many enemies have united against it, Allah will preserve it for the people of the Koran, who gather to raise the flag to bring Sudan to security, support coexistence and peace, restore security and stability, and support the return of production and the celebration of harvest day.

The call of the Sufi orders to the Sudanese to prevent the bloodshed of the people, is a call for the reconstruction of the country and the reparation of what has been destroyed.

Sudanese women are present to respond to this dignified call, and to heal the wounds of the nation through the Um al-Keram Initiative for Coexistence and Peace, which expresses the voice of Sudanese women seeking to build peace with their intelligence, wisdom and good education. Um al-Keram's initiative is present in the pride and dignity of Sudanese women who protect Sudanese homes and families known for their Al-ta'i generosity, and strengthen the bonds of cooperation and love between Sudanese women in particular and the Sudanese people in general.

This call supports the initiative of our Father Sheikh Khalifa Al-Tayeb the grandfather, responding to the homeland's call to preserve the dignity and pride of Sudanese women, and her honourable origin. So that history records that Sudanese women always carry her timeless message aimed at the development and progress of the nation. It gives birth to the children of the Sudanese people who seek stability and reconstruction for the good of a beautiful Sudan dreamed of by any ardent and zealous patriot concerned about the prosperity and development of his country.

Um Al-Keram is the voice of Sudanese women in support of the Sufi orders initiative

Initiative of Sheikh Khalifa Al-Tayeb, the grandfather



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