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Union Emergency Committee Delegation Arrives in Earthquake-Stricken Regions to Provide Aid

Recently, a delegation from the Union Emergency Committee arrived in the areas affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey last Monday. The delegation consists of prominent figures, including Sheikh Wissam Al-Mubarak, Sheikh Abdul Hai Yusuf, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Saghir, Sheikh Jamal Abdul Sattar, and Sheikh Abu Al-Khayr Shukri. Additionally, Sheikh Abdul Wahab Aikinji and Sheikh Omar Qurumaz have also arrived on site to provide support and aid.


It is worth mentioning that the Union Emergency Committee held a meeting yesterday upon the request of the Secretary General. During the meeting, the committee reached a consensus to mobilize an emergency aid convoy and dispatch a delegation to offer condolences and assess the damage in the affected regions. The delegation will coordinate its efforts with the Turkish Relief Agency and formulate plans for future initiatives that the Union intends to undertake.

Moreover, the Union has been at the forefront of expressing its solidarity with the victims in Turkey and the Syrian people by promptly contacting the authorities in the brotherly Turkish Republic and conveying its condolences, while reiterating its commitment to standing by the Turkish and Syrian peoples in this humanitarian disaster.

The General Secretariat of the IUMS issued an immediate statement following the incident, expressing condolences to the Turkish and Syrian peoples, as well as to the families of the victims. The statement emphasized the Union's commitment to stand in solidarity with the Turkish and Syrian peoples during this human tragedy. On behalf of the Union, its President, Dr. Habib Salim Al-Saqaf, and its General Secretary, Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, expressed their condolences to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Rifa'i.

IUMS had called upon the Muslim community to fulfill their duty of offering assistance and support to our brothers and sisters in these beloved countries. The Union appealed to Muslim countries, charitable organizations, and well-wishers to provide immediate aid in the form of zakat, general donations, and other means. This is a moral obligation towards our fellow Muslims.


Recently, several of our scholars have participated in television programs aimed at collecting donations and aid for the Turkish and Syrian people. The most recent example is the participation of Dr. Ali Al-Qadadaghi, the General Secretary of the Islamic Union, in the "Aid and Support Campaign" program, which aims to provide assistance to those in need in both countries.


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