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The Secretary-General: Turning a blind eye to the crimes of the occupying Zionists will lead to unpredictable repercussions, and not everyone will remain under control.

In response to the events at the Dagestan airport, the World Union of Muslim Scholars emphasizes:

These Nazi-like crimes, genocide, and unethical and catastrophic warfare that have exceeded all limits cannot be controlled.


A Muslim nation with a population of billions, along with the billions in the global human conscience, cannot remain silent in the face of these crimes. Even if governments remain silent, or hypocritically endorse these heinous acts for their own interests, living populations will not remain silent; they will express their rejection in their own ways.


We previously warned that turning a blind eye to the crimes of the occupying Zionists would lead to unpredictable consequences, as seen in the Dagestan airport incident. It is imperative to halt the Zionist murderers who violate all that is sacred in Gaza.


The tolerance of their crimes will only lead to increased tension and violence in the region. This is a result of the suppression and occupation practiced by the occupiers in Palestine.


The international community must exert pressure on the occupier to cease these grave violations of human rights through all available means. Additionally, pressure should be applied to international alliances that support the occupying state and turn a blind eye to its crimes, further emboldening the Zionists in their violations.


The only solution lies in raising international awareness of the injustice suffered by the Palestinians and applying international pressure on Israel to end the occupation, which is the sole cause of all these events.


The Union hopes that these negative consequences will have positive outcomes, leading to the cessation of the Zionist killers and granting the Palestinian people the freedom and justice they deserve.



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