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Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi Calls for Establishing a Global Humanitarian Alliance to Protect Palestinians and the People of Gaza and Urges Islamic Nations to Take Urgent Action.

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, the Secretary-General of the Union, calls for the activation of the Global Union of Muslim Scholars' appeal to establish a global humanitarian alliance to protect Palestinians in general and the people of Gaza in particular.


The Secretary-General urged the influential Islamic nations, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Iran, to take the initiative and urgently convene an international conference. This conference should include China, Russia, Arab and Islamic nations, Asian and African countries, as well as Western nations opposed to aggression against civilians in Gaza. He also called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to participate.


He added that Turkey (or others) could promptly initiate a humanitarian summit and prepare the ground for its success, making it a powerful global force to confront tyranny and injustice.


Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi likened the planned alliance to the Non-Aligned Movement, which was founded in 1961.


The Secretary-General stated that we live in a world marked by ongoing conflicts, and we are currently witnessing brutal massacres in Gaza and a continuous genocide. This underscores the urgent need to establish an international alliance to reaffirm fundamental humanitarian principles, reject violations of human rights and dignity, and oppose double standards and the reprehensible racial outlook when dealing with the human right to live in dignity and freedom.


He warned that the absence of an Islamic, Arab, or international stance on the ongoing massacres and atrocities could unleash individual and popular emotions leading to unpredictable reactions. He emphasized the urgent and immediate need to provide relief to the besieged people of Gaza, who are subjected to continuous shelling and rocket attacks around the clock, and to protect the oppressed everywhere. This alliance should act as a "Coalition of Compassion" to protect the vulnerable and restore their usurped rights. (And say, "Work; indeed, Allah will see your work, and [so will] His Messenger and the believers." Quran, 9:105)


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