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The rains exacerbate the suffering of Gaza's displaced people.

The displaced individuals in the southern part of the Gaza Strip are bracing for increased humanitarian suffering with the arrival of winter. The first rainfall in months, lasting three hours on Tuesday since the onset of the Israeli offensive, has inundated their tents.

Residents dwelling in temporary shelters in Khan Younis are apprehensive about the impending winter, which threatens to bring conditions beyond their endurance in the next few days. With the mercury falling and the rain intensifying, they are woefully unprepared to face the season, lacking basic essentials like mats and blankets. Their plastic tents offer little resistance to the chill and provide no shelter from the downpour.

Amidst the Israeli military's ongoing assault, which has left no part of the Gaza Strip untouched, the plight of these displaced individuals is deepening, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children, women, and the elderly. They struggle with hunger and fear as they endeavor to maintain a semblance of life under the bare minimum conditions that the harsh environment and the relentless conflict allow.



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