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IUMS: Supporting our brethren in Gaza against oppression and assault is a religious mandate, a practical imperative, and a moral duty

The International  of Muslim Scholars issues an urgent appeal to Muslims in the east and west of the world, calling on them to stand by their brothers in the Gaza Strip. This includes making utmost efforts to support the oppressed children, women, and elderly in Gaza, and to raise awareness about this significant injustice through all political and media channels. It emphasizes mobilizing and unifying the nation's energies and institutions for this purpose.


Muslims: The effects of this crime committed by the occupation are worsening day by day, threatening a severe humanitarian disaster. Our religious duty compels us to unite against injustice and aggression, to refute the enemy's false claims, and to persuade the populations of countries supporting the Palestinian cause, along with the world's free people, to support our brothers in Gaza through all possible means.


Supporting the Palestinian people in their just cause, lifting the siege, and stopping the unjust war on our people in Gaza is not merely a stance and duty dictated by healthy human emotions but a definitive religious obligation and a sacred duty mandated by Islam and human solidarity.


Therefore, we reiterate that these blessed efforts will be a reason for Allah's victory and the triumph of justice. We also affirm that these actions are among the great deeds that bring us closer to Allah, demonstrating the greatness and unity of the Muslim Ummah in facing challenges.


Allah says: "And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help" (Surah Al-Anfal: 72).


Friday: 20 Sha'ban 1445H

Corresponding: 1 March 2024


Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Sallabi

Secretary-General of the International of Muslim Scholars



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