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Türkiye-Qatar "Gaza Goodness" Ship Sets Sail from Mersin Port with Humanitarian Aid

The Qatari-Turkish "Ship of Goodness" launched on Wednesday from the Turkish port of Mersin, loaded with diverse humanitarian aid destined for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The Qatari Embassy in Ankara informed Al Jazeera Net that the launch of the "Ship of Goodness" marks the beginning of humanitarian cooperation between Qatar and Turkey, and this initiative is part of joint efforts to support Palestinians in Gaza.

The operation was planned and discussed through intensive efforts by the Qatar Fund for Development and the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent.

The "Ship of Goodness" carries approximately 1,908 tons of urgent humanitarian aid, including food baskets, personal hygiene supplies, and shelter necessities, with the Qatar Fund for Development contributing 1,358 tons, and AFAD contributing 550 tons.

The ship is scheduled to arrive at the Egyptian port of El-Arish, the closest point to Gaza, about 40 hours after its departure. From there, it will continue its journey to the Gaza Strip via available land routes, as stated by the embassy.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar's Minister of State for International Cooperation, Lulwa Al-Khater, met with Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yasin Akram Serim on the sidelines of the ship's farewell ceremony, where they discussed matters related to cooperation in humanitarian aid activities for Gaza.

Qatar continues its relief efforts to support the resilience of the Palestinian people in Gaza amid the difficult humanitarian conditions they face since the beginning of the Israeli aggression.

In the context of its ongoing relief efforts, "Qatar Charity" revealed that as of May 5th, about 2.5 million people have benefited from its aid.

The Qatari air bridge, implemented in cooperation with the Qatar Fund for Development and other entities, has transported 1,011 tons of aid via 95 aircraft.

It was noted that the number of beneficiaries from the shipped or soon-to-be-shipped aid is estimated at 729,766 individuals, while the number of beneficiaries from urgent relief projects, whether implemented or in progress, is about 1.65 million people.

Turkey has sent more than 52,000 tons of aid to Gaza since the beginning of the Israeli aggression, using 13 aircraft and 10 ships.

The Israeli occupation continues its aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 215th day, with the Ministry of Health in Gaza announcing on Wednesday that the number of martyrs due to the war on the sector has risen to 34,844, and the number of injured to 78,404.



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