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Final Statement of the Fourth Meeting for the Board of Trustees of the IUMS at its fourth session in 2014 – 2018 in Konya city of the Republic of Turkey


Praise be to ALLAH, and prayer and peace be upon the final messenger of ALLAH; Mohammed and upon his family and companions, and after …

Thanks to Allah Almighty, the fourth meeting was held from 29 Shawwal to 2 Dhul Kaadah 1437 H, corresponding to 3 to 5 August, 2016 at the Turkish city "Konya", and under the chairmanship of Union Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The Board has discussed many internal issues of the Union, its committees and its branches, and some of the issues relating to the situation of the Islamic nation.

At the end of the meeting of its Board, the following statement was approved:

First, regarding the work and internal activities of the IUMS, Board of Trustees, expressed their satisfaction and appreciation of what has been, and is being implemented, the projects and scientific activities, and education, and advocacy, and calls for the continuation of this approach and its expansion, both in the center and headquarters, or at the level of branches or members, wherever they are. The scientific, educational and advocacy awareness message is the most important priority for the Union especially and the scholars in general.

Second: Based on what approved by the General Assembly of the Union on the advancement of the nation project in all its aspects, the Secretariat and its committees specialized working hard to achieve this great goal, so the Board of Trustees appreciates the efforts of the Secretariat and its committees efforts in the definition of Islam moderate center with all people, for the benefit, including it brought the best of the human security and peace and the development of civilization, and urges to move the utmost seriousness, as the Union appreciates the efforts of the Secretariat and other committees of the efforts to correct perceptions of Muslims and promotion of the right of religious awareness among young people especially, which is in the pursuit hard to the establishment of educational institutions, and research, and advocacy, to contribute to this task, but paid the Islamic nation's efforts towards the path of development and make their way to the cultural renaissance, God willing, as well as its conferences, seminars and workshops on ways to improve the legal education in all its stages and the development of the Charter of the family to be parallel to the CEDAW.

Third: In the pursuance of the Union’s project in advancing the nation, the Union attaches utmost attention social and educational and intellectual issues, therefore they held several conferences on the family and on the legal education, advocacy and strives within the overall Islamic nation for all components of the reconciliation.

Fourth: With regard to the Palestinian cause, the Union renewed its fixed initial positions and stresses in particular on the following:

1. The full support for the Murabitoun and the Morabitat in Aqsa mosque.

2. The Union condemns the crimes of the Zionist occupation of the repeated attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and to the congregation, and the people of al-Quds.

3. It condemns the direct field executions of Palestinian citizens, including children and women, and the demolition of houses, and the revenge of relatives of martyrs and prisoners and stationed.

4. Refuse the settlement completely, even convict and condemn and call on the international community to lift the unjust cover for the Zionist entity and stop his support in his oppression and occupation.

5. The Union calls on all Muslim governments and peoples and organizations, scholars, intellectuals, journalists, and all liberals of the world to the permanent support of the Palestinian people in all its forms, against all Zionist occupation crimes, knowing that the occupation itself is a big crime that weighed upon the Palestinian people, both from the left of it under this occupation, or of abandoned and homeless on his hand usurping sinful.

6.The Union condemns the brutal blockade imposed on the Gaza, and is considered a crime against humanity, enriched by impoverishing and starving and deprived of their most basic rights of life and lowest scores of human dignity, and calls for the whole of the free world for the immediate cessation of this criminal blockade.

8. The Union renews its call on all Palestinian factions and organizations to reconciliation and consensus, and builds unified institutions for the Palestinian people at inside and outside Palestine.

Fourth: With regard to the failed attempt of the military coup on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, the Union confirms its consistent support of right and legitimacies existing and popular option to achieve justice among people and lift the injustice against them, and then the Union was the first international organizations that have condemned and denounced and continues to denounce these failed fascism try, and this attempt is not for the benefit of the Turkish Republic and the region and the Islamic nation, but it is an attempt to sabotage and destruction. Also the Union greets the wonderful and inspiring attitude of the Turkish people in the defense of freedom and their will and democracy, and accepted the method for judging and choosing the ruling in their country. The Union calls the international community for the irreversibility support the free and democratic practices, particularly in Islamic countries and Turkey is an example, it is not valid to support military coups which come on the freedoms of the people and their dreams and their hopes and their wealth, these negative values, which is not right to raise them for current and future generations.

Fifth: Regarding the internal situation of Islamic countries in particular, which suffer from internal conflicts, the Union strongly condemns the risks to some Muslim countries of mesmerized foreign hands, or endorsed sectarian where Muslims are killed, that is not a crime but a genocide, violating the honor and destroy their property, such as what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, Myanmar and Central Africa. The Union calls on the Islamic countries and draw on the world's conscience free to strive hard to stop these tragedies, and injected bloodshed and enable the peoples to live safe, and managed to free its options for shaping its destiny without external interference.

The Union also expresses serious concern which is located in some of the Islamic countries of the internal strife in which the partners are fighting in the same country as it is located in Libya and calls on everyone to come together on a common word to resolve their problems through discussion and reconciliation and unity, to reach what is said in the verse, " and hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves "(Al-Imran: 103), so the Union considers that it is imperative to walk in the direction of consolidating freedoms and rely on discussion and understanding, while respecting the will of the people and the Islamic identity and its terms of reference.

In this context, the Union refuses and condemns the fail approach based on arrests, prosecutions and fabricated charges against the owners of thought and opinion of scholars, thinkers and Sheikh and intellectuals, and calls for the immediate release of them wherever they are.

And the Union denounces Shipping policy and the crowd sectarian, which exceeded the limits of penetration propaganda and sectarian polarization to establish a militia fighter against nations, peoples and doctrines who have different thoughts, as is the case in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, through the following:

1. Syria:

Although more than five years has passed on the Syrian Revolution, it seems that Syria fall under the weight of international conspiracies which made Daash (ISIS) and nurtured and dominate the decision in it, and then brought enormous air forces of the Great Powers, and then ground forces and terrorist militias Savage by longstanding regional countries, so The Union condemns this plot and this painful tragedy, and calls for the Islamic world and the free world to solve this problem and remove the causes. In this range the Union affirms the following:

(A)  The source of terrorism is the Syrian regime that kills its people, and that terrorism will not end as long as the caused exists.

(B) The honest world and people of conscience must stand to the side of the Syrian people in their ordeal that burns everything and everybody, it spared nothing that it reached but blew it into broken spreads of rotten ruins.

(C) The Union calls for Syrian opposition groups to unite to break the tyranny, and the contribution to achieving salvation from the scourge of war.

(D) The Union calls the countries that still support the Syrian regime to abandon his support, and calls them to stand by the people and the Liberal sons of Syria, who are interested in national liberation.

(E) The Union asks the countries that the Syrian people has resorted to, to give them what they needs from education and health facilities, and that these countries and their governments to be after God the hand that helps the Syrian people, and to preserve their dignity, and in this regard the Union appreciates the way Turkey; people and government, has treated the Syrian people utmost responsibility and Islamic brotherhood! Also it appreciates the efforts of the humanitarian organizations that contribute to the suffering of our brothers the Syrians.

And the Union calls on the Syrian people, who fled to neighboring countries to abide by the laws of those countries and respect for their systems, and cooperate with its people, to preserve the faith of brotherhood and human relations, and not be a source of concern and a source of unrest in those countries.


The troubled situation in Iraq still hurts us and hurts our brothers in the entire Islamic world, and that his future candidate for rupture worries us.

Sectarian and ethnic conflict and many diodes, is expanding every day, and to pay more bloodshed and displacement of millions at home and abroad.

There is no doubt that the entry of all forms of terrorism, of Daash and others, as a result of a conspiracy by the enemies of Iraq and long for justice and equity and the provisions of Shariaa, too, is the depth of the faces of those tragedies, it has imposed on cities, brutality, murder and starvation laws.

It was the security forces of the army and police to help her and ancillary powers to crawl for the Liberation of the last cities, and made many victims in order to achieve this, however, which took place after that, some of the shabby sectarian forces, have punished many of the sons of these cities and field executions sometimes, destruction houses, shoplifting and blow up the mosques at other times, as well as arbitrary arrests, so that the effects of the tragic appeared on global TV screens.

We the IUMS as a religious Islamic authority call on our brothers in religious and political references in Iraq to lift this injustice from those liberated cities and restore tens of thousands of displaced tormented in the camps to their cities safe and life and to compensate for damage to them from Daash and unrestrained sectarian militias published in corruption and destruction.

This is what the religion, brotherhood, home and justice ask for until Iraq regains the wounded to the unity of his people and save his sons from the crimes committed against them before and after the occupation.

3. Yemen:

IUMS still sees what happened in Yemen is a sectarian military coup armed by the Houthies and supporters of ousted Ali Abdullah Saleh, against the legitimate authority brought the will of the Yemeni people, and against young Yemenis and the Liberal revolution, and unfortunately it is a coup continued to project Iranian sectarian that did not enter the country only and hit the devastation and destruction, but the Union refuses exactly what they announced as the presidential council of the coup, that would strike all attempts to solve the Yemeni issue.

Thus the Yemeni people authentic of all classes and free sects and tribes noble should defense of their homeland by all means to free it from this revolutionary sectarian project, and impose its will and the will of the revolution, free, and restore the legitimate stolen, and to reach Yemen to the stability and security that gets it and felt by all who live at home. We also demand to lift sinful siege on "Taiz" and the opening of safe corridors for humanitarian aid, the Union condemns assassination of scholars and elders in southern Yemen, Union underlines the need to make efforts to preserve Yemen's unity and sovereignty.


And the Union condemns what is happening on the land of Kenana in Egypt of serious human rights violations, unjust arrests and unfair judgments comics and trials that make the innocent guilty and the criminal innocent, wasting freedoms and harassment of scholars and preachers, and follow the very continuation of the siege and his emphasis on the heroes people of Gaza and heroic resistance disapprovingly, and those promiscuous campaign waged by the Egyptian media to discredit the Mujahideen and improve the image of the Zionist occupiers.

And support the right of the Egyptian people to demand his freedom and his rejection of the military coup that brought the will and freedom.

IUMS warns the international organizations and human rights organizations of the serious consequences and practices resulting from the closure of the gates of freedom leading to the spread of violence and chaos in Egypt and the whole region. The Union sees that the only solution is to resort to the opinion of the people and respect their free will.


The Union is following the rapid developments in the Libyan issue, and stresses his positions in favor of the will of the noble people of Libya, and the aspiration for freedom and against tyranny and achieves the goals of the revolution.

The Union condemns interventions in foreign countries that are trying to impose brutal military rule confiscate the will of the Libyan people and condemned the assassinations of scholars and clerics to silence their voices.

And the Union recommends the sons of this noble people, to support all national initiatives that promote the achievement of the Sharaa purposes of keeping the bloodshed, and the unity and achieves political and social accord fair and national reconciliation, and the rejection of all attempts that seek to confiscate his will; that terrorism was a coup.


The Union is following with great concern what is happening in Bangladesh of executions and arrests unjustly, and robbed of freedoms and killing of innocent people, and so on.

Union reiterates in this regard that this road is not a construction road, progress and reform, so demanding Bangladeshi government to desist from such actions and the release of detainees and detention centers are demanding Islamic and OIC countries to mediate for the reform of this alarming situation.

7. Muslim minorities in the non-Islamic countries:

About the risks that the ethnic and religious minorities is facing in many countries in the world from wars and extermination and eradication and the displacement that compels them to forced change of their religion, language and culture, and confiscation of the most basic necessities of life, and in particular the risks to the Muslim minority in Central Africa, Myanmar, the scholars denounce the most condemnation of these acts, and the free world are demanding the lifting of injustice against them, and help them out of this adversity.

In this context, the Union of Muslim minorities recommend to abide by the requirements of citizenship in the country where they live; respect for the laws, and the standing of the rights and the performance of duty, and the interest of the public interest.

The Union is also pleased to thank and appreciate the country governments that guarantee minorities the freedom of religion, thought and conscience and the country that opened its doors toward immigrants Syrians, and praises those governments that sponsor the minorities’ efforts, and provide them with ways to live well, with full rights.

Sixth: The invitation to the Islamic nation, to what removes separation and tardiness:

The Union calls on the Islamic nation's rulers and their people and scholars and thinkers, and all politicians to do all they can to treat the outcome of the situation of our nation from disunity and disintegration, tardiness, violence and terrorism, poverty and unemployment among young people.

Therefore it compels them responsibility in front of ALLAH and in front of history, and urge them strongly to be saved faith to God, and do a comprehensive reconciliation between all components of the nation based on justice, freedom and dignity and sympathy, and to make efforts to remove the causes of those problems and misfortunes and could direct all their energies for the advancement of our nation in all spheres of life intellectual, scientific, cultural, social, economic, and invite them to cooperate in righteousness and piety, and to the integration and unity, and use the gives of ALLAH in thanking ALLAH for the benefit of the overall development, and a commitment to morality and Islamic values, as it was our nation in the early centuries. Also the most important duties is the call to ALLAH with wisdom and good advice, and dissemination of compassion between the two worlds, to become our nation as God wanted them (the best nation out of people) and be as one body, as the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said (like the believers in their mutual love, mercy and compassion like body if the member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever) Narrated by Muslim and others.

Seventh: The Union believes that the sectarian politics of aggression will not only benefit the enemies of Islam and Muslims. Even those agitating will not return them unless they scourge in this world and the hereafter. (And teach those who do wrong any Capsized turning) (Al-shuaraa: 227).

Eighth: Union renews its condemnation and total rejection of all terrorist and criminal acts perpetrated by some armed groups in various Islamic and non-Islamic countries.

Ninth: Union declares that Islam is innocent and is far from these heinous acts of terrorism also  Quran told us that "whoever kills the same or corruption in the earth as if he killed all mankind" (al-Maidah 32), but Union considers that those responsible for it and stand behind them but fighting Islam in the first place. It is recommended that the Union of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries to abide by the requirements of citizenship in the country where they live and the performance of duties and concern for the public interest and get away from all forms of violence disregard the public laws, and ensure the active participation in the development of the country in which they live to be true appearance of Islam in the teachings of tolerance and human values .

Tenth: The Union calls on all States and international organizations to the administration of justice and truth, which are the foundation of peace, security and stability, both internationally and internally to states and respect for human rights in the security and protection of freedoms.

Eleventh: The activation of civil society is to promote the sponsor community and the promotion of peace and the face of violence and terrorism and the separation, and confirms that the injustice is authorized counselor also told us about in the Quran "Do the people perish, only the wrong-doers" (Al-Anaam: 47).

Twelfth: The Union gives great interest to the Muslim family, especially women and children, it works, and calls on all Muslims to work to address the challenges that target the family and the values of the Islamic High underpinning entity, in this context, the Union did a global compact family announced in a global conference to be a guide for all people, and saves the family from the threats, but circulate globally to be added to the international conventions in this regard.

Thirteenth: Union pay the utmost attention to upgrade public education in Islamic countries and legitimate education, in particular, and in this regard the Union calls on to establish a High Islamic Council to upgrade the forensic education fixes this education and promoted, even lead this education to the objectives of the correct understanding of religion and downloads right to him in real life.

Union also pay the utmost attention to correct religious concepts that hit some of the imbalance in the nation's culture in order to be a religion and religious culture mobilize workers to the nation about the cultural building and reconstruction of the earth, the Union works to achieve this through seminars and scientific awareness, conferences and through publications and media outlets.

In conclusion, we cannot in this great country ‘Turkey’, and in this great historical city (Konya), but to offer our thanks the great Turkish people and his wise leadership, and to His Excellency and to Konya for sponsorship, to the mayor of Konya president and managing for their hospitality to us in the establishment of such a meeting, and all those who helped us in the success of this meeting, and all the media that participated our events, and for those regulatory and administrative.

And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds


The fourth meeting of the Board of Trustees of IUMS

During the fourth session 2014 - 2018

29 Shawwal to 2 Dhul Kaada 1437 H, corresponding to 3 to 5August, 2016 AD


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