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Palestinian scholars organize a rally entitled "Resistance is a Legitimate Right and Al-Aqsa is our Holy Mosque.

Invited by the branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Palestine, Palestinian scholars organized a rally and press conference entitled "Resistance is a Legitimate Right and Al-Aqsa is our Holy Mosque." During the rally, the scholars expressed their anger at the Zionist violations committed by the occupation forces and officials, and the ongoing incursions, desecrations, and threats to slaughter sacrifices in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. The Palestinian scholars organized this rally and press conference in protest against what is happening in the West Bank, and called through this rally and press conference to escalate the resistance and the necessity for the Arab and Islamic nations to support the Palestinian people and the defenders of Al-Aqsa. The Palestinian scholars also called for the necessity for the sons of the Palestinian people to remain steadfast in Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan to block the path of the occupation forces in their threatened actions. Scholars from the Ministry of Awqaf and Sharia Judiciary, the Palestinian Scholars Association, and many scholarly institutions in the Gaza Strip participated in the rally. Dr. Marwan Mohammed Abu Ras, the head of the Union branch in Palestine, delivered a statement on behalf of the Palestinian scholars. Source: Al-Ittihad.


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