Union News

The Union calls on the Islamic nation, its leaders, and its people to protect the first qiblah and the path of the Messenger of God, and to prevent their defilement.


A dialogue seminar was held on 8/3/2022 AD by the Al-Quds Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars - Doha Branch to inaugurate the International Jerusalem Week and launch the Qimam Maqdisia initiative.


The IUMS invites the Islamic nation including all its components especially the scholars, thinkers, media personalities and all the world’s freemen to participate in the Quds international week with all what they can


And calls the international community to act to prevent such aggressions. And sending a call to every free person in the world to condemn these acts by using all legal means to prevent them from happening again.


His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi; the secretary-general of the IUMS, strongly condemned the attack on the Turkish restaurant that took place in the capital of Burkina


IUMS calls on all Muslims in the world to support the Aqsa Mosque and the coming Friday is an Anger day against Zionist actions and a day of support for Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Maqdisee


Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi- Secretary-General of the IUMS- condemned the incident attack was carried out by worshipers outside a mosque north of the British capital, killing on