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The International Union of Muslim Scholars shares with its brotherly Libya - its people, government, and leaders - its pain and sorrow during this tough time that eastern regions of the country have experienced due to the devastating floods


The International Union of Muslim Scholars closely follows with deep sorrow the massive floods that have struck the northwestern regions of Algeria, claiming the lives of some citizens and leaving several missing.


The International Association of Supporters of the Prophet, in collaboration with the World Union of Muslim Scholars, organized a scientific symposium titled "The Responsibility of Scholar


Istanbul - An important meeting was held for the Committee of Islamic Brotherhood and Public Relations in the World Union of Muslim Scholars in Istanbul on Monday, July 24, 2023.


Urgent Appeal by the International Union of Muslim Scholars: Protect Lives and Seek Peace in the Ain Al-Hilweh Refugee Camp


IUMS strongly expresses its vehement condemnation of the cowardly bombing that targeted a political gathering of members of the Pakistan Scholars of Islam Association in the town of Khaar, Bajaur province,


IUMS Strongly condemns the Israeli attack on the city of Jenin and its camp in the occupied West Bank, and expresses its deep sorrow and regret for the human and material losses that befell the city of Jenin and its people.