With profound sadness and sorrow, our hearts are filled with acceptance of Allah's decree as we receive the news of the passing of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh


With great sadness and sorrow, we received the news of the passing of Sheikh Mohammed Al-Saleh Ait Aljat, son of the Algerian scholar Sheikh Tahar Ait Aljat, at the age of 82, may Allah have mercy on him.


With great sadness and sorrow, we have received the news of the death of the prominent Egyptian reciter Sheikh Abdullah Kamil in the United States,


With heartfelt condolences, we express our sympathies to the Muslim Ummah and the world upon the demise of Sheikh Mohammed al-Hasan al-Dedew al-Nadwi,


The Union expresses condolences on the passing of the Egyptian Islamic thinker and Al-Azhar scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli at the age of 93. May Allah have mercy on him.


The Union offers condolences on the death of Sheikh Ismail Abdullah Kouri, member of the Union and director of Al-Nour Institute for Preparing Preachers in Benin


The famous Syrian vocalist (Abu Mazen) Ridwan Khalil Anan passed away on Wednesday morning, the 23rd of Sha'ban 1444, corresponding to March 15th


الاتحاد يعزّي في وفاة الشيخ الدكتور حسين خلف الجبوري نائب الأمين العام لهيئة علماء المسلمين في العراق، وأستاذ الدراسات العليا الشرعية في كلية الشريعة والدراسات الإسلامية بجامعة أم القرى في مكة المكرمة، بعد حياة حافلة بالعلم والتدريس، والبحث والتأليف ولا سيّما في علوم الفقه وأصوله