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Ramadan between generosity and extravagance a subject of a thesis statement for Raissouni


Faqih Makassedi Ahmad Raissouni,has prepared a guiding thesis on the subject of "Ramadan between generosity and extravagance", which highlighted the issue of spending and consuming, which doubles in a lot of Moroccan families, and pointed out how to upgrade this aspect in our life and our behavior, during the holy month.

The message stopped for a group of commendable devotional practices during Ramadan, such as generosity and kindness, but Raissouni said that most of those who made huge banquets and give generous gifts, and honor their guests, are targeting the rich and the affluent, rather than giving this benefit to the poor and needy.

Raissouni in his message, mentioned that this kind of generosity, dedicated to the rich without the poor, "goes against the directives of Sharaa and purposes," a reminder that generosity and giving and feeding and Glory is for the poor and disadvantaged, explaining that the real generosity, and the most useful and paid, but it is that which benefits the poor and needy and afflicted.


The thesis of the Fakih Makassedi, guide to the existence of a class is more likely along the country's poor need to benefit from this generosity and kindness, they are immigrants or displaced people coming from other countries, who were forced by the circumstances of war, fear and hunger, to leave their homeland and their homes, including Syrian Refugees and migrants from countries African. 


Raissouni called, in the same paper, to mention categories of the poor and wretched, in the "Introduction to attain this presence and sympathy during Ramadan and outside of Ramadan," adding that Morocco is large place so it can accept them and the people of Morocco are generous that they can remember them in their plight and their pilgrimage.

The present paper guidelines to warn against the tyranny of consumerism as one of the major challenges faced by the Moroccan families, which have become a burden on society and the state, the movement of unification and reform have already organized a national activity on "sustainability", hosted by the city of Tangier, last April, to raise awareness of the seriousness this phenomenon, and education on the moderation in the consumption values.

The intervention of the guiding scientific paper prepared by Ahmad Raissouni, within the Unification Movement's program of reform in the holy month of Ramadan, which is divided between advocacy and educational activities that serve to rationalize religion and establish righteousness values in society, including the preparation of scientific video series on the subject of Ramadan, prepared by Fatima Al-Najjar in addition to the scientific steering productions touches a number of issues and phenomena that impose on the Moroccan and keep them away from the purposes of fasting and its achievement.




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