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IUMS Congratulates the Palestinian people in general and especially Gaza people the successive victories that ended with cease-fire and giving some rights.

IUMS Congratulates the Palestinian people in general and especially Gaza people the successive victories that ended with cease-fire and giving some rights.

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and upon His family, companions, and allies, and after;


The IUMS had followed the Cairo negotiations about the latest aggression war by the Zionist enemy, against the Palestinian people, particularly in forbearing and steadfast Gaza, that is blockaded by the brother before the enemy, and what faced those negotiations from attempts to put pressure on the resistance to disarm sometimes, or give up some of its demands –its rights- at other times, and the great stability in holding the fair rights of the Palestinian people that the Palestinian negotiator show through the demands of human life, that no one deviate from except the oppressive, and the Union in front of the declare of the cease-fire and the agree to some of the demands of the resistance, stresses on the following:

1. IUMS congratulates, the whole of Palestine: the people, the leadership, and resistance to this historic victory, which is added to the victories of the resistance over its history in the face of the Zionist usurper occupier, where they signed a ceasefire agreement in the terms of the resistance, and to achieve some of their demands, such as: begin the gradual lifting of the siege on Gaza, and fishing for a distance of 6 nautical miles as a first step, and the opening of border crossings, and start the reconstruction of Gaza, in addition to starting the discussions about Gaza port and airport a month after the signing of the ceasefire agreement.

2.The Union considers this agreement a victory for the resistance on the Zionists in a war that lasted more than 50 days, and the Palestinian people preceded thousands of martyrs and injured, in addition to the demolition of their homes as well as hospitals and schools, and the resistance shows creative and sophisticated ways in deterring the Zionists, so they have heavy losses, thus the Zionist lost the ability to make a decision in completing the war, which he started in the shadow of shameful silence of global Islamic and Arabic, except for some countries and leaders who still have alive hearts.

3. The International Union Appreciates the Palestinian unity between the Palestinian resistance factions in the field of war, and between factions of the Palestinian delegation in the field of negotiations, which has had the greatest impact in the victory in the battles of fighting and negotiations.

4. The International Union demands the Palestinian people to always embrace the resistance and support it, and to continue the national reconciliation, and consolidate the efforts to face the brutal Zionist enemy, for the fair rights of the Palestinian people.

5.IUMS asserts on the right of the Palestinians to resist the occupiers until we achieve full victory restoration of all the occupied territories, and the prosecution of the leaders of the Zionist enemy judicially and at the international level for trial on war crimes they have committed against the Palestinians and especially the killing of children, women and elderly through the targeting of civilians in all aggression they are doing against the people of Palestine.

6. The Union calls the global Arab and Islamic peoples, and the peoples of the free world, and all the Liberals in the world, to support the Palestinian cause, and support it by all means; facing the continuation of settlements, and the attack on the whole of Palestine, and the siege of the Zionist enemy, and disarm the political cover on him; since it is the issue of the whole nation; but the cause of humanity and the entire free world, and not the cause of the Palestinians alone.

May Allah bless the martyrs, and help the wounded and injured, and compensates the displaced, and unite the ranks of the right people, and give the nation a great victory.
(Allah prevail in His affairs, though most people do not know) [Yusuf:21]

Date: 01 Thoulqudah 1435
Corresponding to August 27, 2014

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                           Mr. Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Daghi

President of IUMS                                                               General Secretary



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