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The final statement of the General Assembly for the IUMS in its fourth edition

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family, companions, and allies, and who followed them until the day of Judgment. 


The final statement of the General Assembly for the IUMS in its fourth edition, held in Istanbul from: 24-26 /Shawwal / 1435, to 20-22 / August / 2014.






The Assembly starts its opening recitation with some verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim. Then it begins with an opening speech to Prof. Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Dagi, the General Secretary of the IUMS, he thanks and appreciates Turkey's people and the president and government, and the attendants for their travel fatigue, and all those who contributed to the success of this conference, also focused on the most important achievements of the Union and its policy in the consolidation of moderate approach and peaceful coexistence and reconciliation, and the invitation to Islam, and show the internal and external challenges that beset the Muslim world, and end his statement by a Conference axes on the role of scholars in the advancement of the nation.

 And the speech of the Sheikh: Ihsan Hindus and Dr.: Hafsa {lina}, express their thank to the attending scholars, and confessing the role of the Union in the service of the Islamic world, also the statement of the Dr: Ahmad Al-Risoni, Vice President of the Union, included the importance of the Union, and that it is the only and special global knowledge foundation in the world.
 Sheikh: Rashid Ghannouchi, Assistant Secretary, assures on the importance of the role of scholars in the dissemination of the principles of justice, freedom, and prevents tyranny and spreading the culture of the Shura and democracy.

 And the Palestine speech which Mr. Saleh Alarouri said focused on what Palestine in general and Gaza in particular; is facing, from racist barbarism wars, and a crippling blockade, and the unfair settlement, and the Judaization of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and the change of its features, and the temporal and spatial partition of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

 Also the speech of Dr. Mohammed Saleh Krmaz, dealt the thanking of the Union and showing its role and its importance, and the seriousness of violence and terrorism, and the attack on the holy sites, and showing the efforts of religious affairs in the social ladder, moderation and common sense, also expressed the readiness of Islamic Affairs in Turkey for cooperation with the Union, to achieve common target.

 Then the Eminence Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the president of the IUMS, said in his speech how the Union emerge, and its history and its role and importance, and the need to take care of the role of women in the Muslim community, and the need to deploy the existence of women in the mosque and others, and caring for the invitation to Allah.

 He also called all the members of the Union to take care to the invitation to God with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and commanded them to interact fully with the Union and its General Secretariat and its programs.

 He ended his speech by thanking to the President-elect of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr.: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Turkish people, and his government.

 The final speech in the opening session, presented by Dr.:  Amr Allah, Deputy Prime Minister, and the President's representative team in the conference, he addressed a group of important issues, and focused on that Turkey will remain with the peoples resistance and oppressed minorities, and with issues of Islamic nation, mainly with just causes in the world.

 Then the Assembly, in its first session, listened to the report of the General Secretariat; which included the whole activities of the Union during the past four years, and after extensive discussions and deliberation, the Assembly approved the report; after taking into consideration, the observations made by the members during the three sessions.

 The Assembly also discussed the items provided by the Board of Trustees that should be adjustable, and then approved the items as they are registered in the adjustable system.

 Then the Conference that work on the role of scholars in the advancement of the nation has begun with a speech from the President of the Union for the members and then the seven themes of the conference were presented to the members, which are:
The first axis: The role of scholars in consolidating the moderation and renewal method.

 The second axis: The role of scholars in preserving the Islamic identity and maintaining it.

 The third axis: The role of scholars in working with the media and social networking for the advancement of the nation. 

The fourth axis: The role of scholars in mediation and conflict resolution and support for unity and cooperation among Muslims. 

The fifth axis: The role of scholars in controlling the fatwa and the rationalization of religious discourse. 

The sixth Axis: The role of scholars in forensic education in the Islamic world ; its reality  and aspirations.

The seventh axis: The role of scholars in the service of the nation's issues through international law. 

  In addition to the axes for Palestine and Al-Quds; where the morning sessions were devoted to it, in the third day of the conference.

 The agenda of this workshop is divided into two sections:

 The first one: debate the workshops axes in the Academy that transcends to the aspirations of the Islamic peoples.

 The second one: formulating suggestions for those axes, according it shown in final statement.

 These suggestions show the scholars role in ushering the nation in supporting its identity and consolidate and correcting its concepts in the guidance of the true faith, and a renewal in religious thought and in the Forensic education which solves the problems of the age provisions of Shara, and implementing them in practical projects that manage the reality of the nation and elevate them to the renaissance.

And the IUM will work to include these conclusions, programs and projects in his future plans; perhaps it gives good results that promote the nation.

 The Union also invites other relevant institutions, and personalities in various disciplines, and from all over the Muslim world to cooperate with the Union to achieve the renaissance of these programs.

 Then the General Assembly completed its work, where she held a special session to choose the president of the Union and his three deputies, and Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi was elected the president of the union unanimously and by acclamation, then the President of the Union shows the names of his three deputies, and they are: Prof: Ahmad Risoni, and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalili, and Sheikh Abdul Hadi Awan. The Assembly accepts these three, each by his side.  

Then the election begin by secret ballot to elect the thirty members of the Board of Trustees, and the Council has prepare for it, where they form a neutral committee headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Rawi for everything related to the election, so the names of candidates has shown by the alphabet one by one with their presence on the podium; they are 71 candidate, and the result was by the election of thirty members, who are named in this last statement.

 The Assembly reviewed the conditions of the Islamic nation, and being exposed to crises and internal and external challenges that threaten its existence and its future, and the attendees express their sadness on what is happening in the Muslim world. 

After those discussions and interventions, the attendees agreed on the following:

 First: to maximize the sanctity of blood 

The religion  taught the necessity to maximize the sanctity of blood and fighting among Muslims, Allah Almighty said: {And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the wrath of God are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared to him }[ Al-Nisaa: 93], and Allah Almighty said: {that whoever killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or(and)to spread mischief in the land- it would be as if he killed all mankind} [Maedah: 32], and the Prophet peace be upon him said: {the person will be in the space of religion unless prohibited blood pours}, and said peace be upon him: in the goodbye hijja, otalking to the Islamic nation {your wealth and your honor are sacred for you as this day in this country in this month }, and therefore the IUMS emphasizes the following:

1-Total Prohibition to what some Gallic and perverse groups are doing; killing innocent Muslims and non-Muslims sometimes under the pretext of sectarian hateful, and other by the name of alleged Islamic Khilafah state and fight against tyrants, and what they do of killing and destruction, displacement and displacement, and directing their weapons toward the citizenry, and scholars consider all that unacceptable criminal acts, and beyond the religion of truth, justice and compassion, and contrary to the teachings of Mustafa peace be upon him, and what scholars agreed on, and the consequent damage in distorting the image of Islam and Muslims and repel people from the path of God. 

2-The  Islamic Caliphate should not be claimed by any group, but it is a right entrusted to the nation and its scholars and their representatives, and scholars give an advice to the nation's youth not to be deceived by such claims that are not based on the origin of a legitimate right, nor to the considerable Fuqh, and they should not see Allah and they kill innocent people, and that they must return to trustworthy scholars to demonstrate the legitimate government. 

Second: the challenge of Rip band Segregation 

The scholars show their sorrow over what happened to the Muslim nation of rip and rupture that led to the failure, and open a wide door for chaos that destroy the man and Urbanism and homelands, and persistence in the fragmentation of what is originally divided, which enabled the enemies to the violate sovereignty, and plunder their wealth, and let the sons of the nation hit each other.

 Scholars confirm on the necessity to unify the word, and believe in God, and that the restoration of the unity of the nation is obligatory in the religion, anda need in reality , Allah Al-Mighty said:{ This is your one nation, and I am your Lord, so worship Me}[ Al-Anbiyaa: 92], the thing that requires synergy and osmosis, and acceptance of difference and good management and care, by the Shura and faith in multilateralism, and a commitment to a peaceful approach in dealing with difference, and be far from exclusion and marginalization and atonement thought.

Allah says, calling for unity, and preventing from Dispersions: {and hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves} [Al-Imran: 103], also Allah called segregation a disbelief, by saying: {O ye who believe! Obey a group of those who were given the book, they would render you disbelievers after you have believed} [Al Imran: 100] that means scattered, and the Prophet peace be upon him said: warning of the dangers of the scatter and Rip {not converted infidels after me, some of you hits the necks of some}.

 Third: the need for peaceful coexistence and cultural communication 

Scholars attendees confirms on faith and religious pluralism civilization untouched by all undisputed hegemony and the use of force in resolving international disputes, and to advocate for civilized dialogue substitute for the conflict, with an emphasis on the right to dissent and responsible freedom, and justice in rights and duties.

 The scholars denounces the support received by authoritarian totalitarian regimes in the region and the system of racial discrimination and brutal occupation, which is the Zionist entity with money and weapons, the media and the veto, which represents a source and an encouragement to extremism and terrorism, and the objection of relations characterized by cooperation and peace between East and West, and between civilizations and religions, according to the call of the Allah to all peoples and civilizations, commanding the exchange of knowledge and to make known and to achieve humanitarian partnership, Allah says: {O people, I have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so as to know each other}. 

Fourth: resist injustice and tyranny by legitimate peaceful means 

Attendees Scholars confirm the right of peoples, in their freedom and dignity, and self-determination, including resistance to all forms of tyranny and exploitation, cruel injustice and arrogance, and that is committed to the legitimate peaceful ways, and find support from all the forces of liberation, and enjoy the right to choose their rulers and the system of life and the exploitation of its resources, away from all types of internal tyranny and external interference.

 Fifth, regarding the political issues of the Islamic nation

1-The Palestinian issue.

 There is no doubt that the Palestinian issue is still and will remain the first case of the Muslims, from all over the world, which is going through a historical phase and critical juncture; where Al-Quds is being Judaized, and Zionists always enter Al-Aqsa mosque and threatened it, trying to split temporally and spatially, and the settlements eliminate most of the territory of Palestine, in addition to the separation wall that has paralyzed the movement of Palestinians. 

And the participants from Muslim scholars says that what happened in Gaza during Ramadan and in these days is an attack traveled from the Zionist enemy, the occupier and the massacres and war crimes against innocent civilians and the destruction of the safe houses, government buildings, schools and mosques, institutions and shelters United Nations without stirring the Security Council and the major powers for defending the oppressed, but the victim championing the occupier against the steadfast Palestinian people and his involvement in the crime for nearly a century ago. 
In this context, Union confirms the following:

1-Al-Quds; including the status of his religious, historical and cultural, is the heart of the Islamic nation, and the address of their dignity, and that all Jewish occupation projects will not change the fact that Al-Quds for Arab and Islamic nation. 

This belief in our right of Al-Quds, make us affirm the Fatawas, written by scholars and various synagogues that confirm the legitimacy and necessity of supporting Al-Quds and its people by all means possible, especially to support Al-Maqdisiyeen’s life sectors for their independence from the occupation. 

2-No one represent the nationin its right toward Al-Quds, and does not have to waive inch of the holy city.

3-Union calls on Arab and Islamic governments to carry Secretariat entrusted toward the sanctities of the nation, and some ways to carry this trust is to defend the holy sites, and the Palestinian people exposed to uproot from Al-Quds, and calls it not to impose Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds, and do not cover those who abandon them. 

4-Union calls components of the nation, particularly the scholars to do their best in preventing the occupation from dividing Al-Aqsa Mosque or controlling it, and to stop the daily series of violations and intrusions. 

5-The resistance against the occupation is a legitimate right of all divine laws and international conventions, and therefore the Union calls to maintain the arms of the resistance in Palestine in general, and in Gaza in particular, and denouncing each call to disarm the resistance; because it is legal, Allah says:{And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them that you may not know but whom Allah know} [Anfal: 60]. 

In this historic moment the Scholars of the Islamic nation salutes the Palestinian people and the Palestinian people's resistance against the Zionist occupier in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, and consider this legendary steadfastness beginning to liberate the land of Palestine and the holy sites with the help of Allah, and appealing to the Islamic nation in all its components and its first and foremost leaders and scholars, and all the peoples and powers to complete the process of liberation, collaborating so everyone will pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

The Union appreciates the efforts of Palestinian unity, epitomized by the recent reconciliation government in the Palestinian negotiator uniform, that the collects all the Palestinian factions against the brutal enemy.

 Union also calls the people of Palestine to move forward in unity, as Allah said: {do not dispute lest you lose courage and your strength departs} [Al-Anfal: 46].


Scholars conjure what happened in Egypt of serious violations of human rights of murder, detention and torture of thousands of detainees, and the provisions of the absurd trials and executions condemned by human rights organizations and the conscience of the world.

 In this context, attended scholars confirmed on the sanctity of these violations, and demand the release of all detainees Liberals who have exercised their rights across the curriculum peaceful guaranteed them religious laws and international conventions, as demand quickly to stop all random executions issued against the accused unjustly in issues of conscience and freedoms in Egypt and in particular scholars, old and young, who are the vanguard of the nation's finest sons, and all unfair judgments issued in light of the military coup that took place in Egypt since July 3, 2013. 


 IUMS follows with deep concern what is happening in Yemen from threaten that unrest its security and stability, and calls for the Yemeni people to adopt the outputs of the comprehensive national dialogue; to build a modern state standardized, starts to take its place among the civilizations of the modern world; and to remain aprons faith and wisdom, and urges the parties to the conflict in which giving priority to the interests of the country and calls on them to be dragged behind the self-interests, so the blood of people will shed, and destroy the country.


 It is not secret that what is happening in Syria is a war of annihilation sectarian, claimed the lives of innocent children, women and elderly, and those who survived from the killing machine reaped with the displacement machine, and in this context the Union confirms the following:

 A- The honest and conscientious people in the world must stand by the Syrian people in their ordeal that burns everything and everybody, everything it become through turns it to ache.

 B-The Union calls Syrian opposition groups to unite to break the tyranny, and to contribute to the achievement of salvation from the scourge of war.

 C-The Union calls the states that still supports the Syrian regime to abandon its support, and invites them to stand by the opposition, which is democratic. 

D-The Union calls the countries that resorted the Syrian people to give them what they need from education and health facilities, and that these countries and their governments supports the Syrian people, after Allah.

 E -The Union calls on the Syrian people who fled to neighboring countries to abide the laws of those countries and respect their systems, and cooperates with its people, to preserve the brotherhood of faith, and not be a source of concern and a source of unrest in those countries.


The Union calls on the Iraqi people to rally around the unit, and calls for the new Iraqi government not to do the same as the last government, but it has to contribute to the call for national reconciliation and stop the killings and mass arrests, and it has to secure the country and stop all forms of discrimination, and in this context the Union confirms the following:

 A-The warning of sectarian wars that some barbarian parties are doing it, which does not know the meaning of responsibility, and care for the rights of citizens. 

B-The Union denounces targeting the scholars in all forms of harassment and confiscation of freedoms, with the blessing of some organizations that works on the ground in Iraq.

C-The Union confirms the need for the new government to achieve its tasks in establishing equality and justice, and to improve the conditions and lives of the Iraqi people.

D-The Union denounces the massacres perpetrated by some extremist groups, such as the {Aasaeb Al-Hak} of mass murder, displacement and uprooting, and the Union in this context, denounces what happened in {Diyala}from killing about eighty people inside a mosque, praying to God to accept them as Martyrs. In contrast, the Union denounces what some groups are doing of precious killed on the identity or sectarian sedition among the components of the Iraqi people.

 6- Somalia

(A)IUMS tribute the steps that is done in Somalia, in order to rebuild the state and its institutions.

 (B)The Union calls for an urgent appeal to the Muslim world, organizations and institutions to cope with drought relief, which takes its role in Somalia.


The Union appreciates the national discussion and reconciliation between the government and the opposition, and call both of them to promote the understanding that protects the rights and freedoms granted, and ensures the security of the country and the people.

 8-The rest of the Muslim world such as: Bangladesh, which is suffering under from authoritarian rule, based either on religious or racial discrimination. 

As for Myanmar and Central Africa, IUMS did not ignore what is happening in that country, and Distressed that the country can’t find who support and contribute it, only a few countries of the Islamic world, the Union asserts that the issues of these countries are important to it, and the Union did not stop supporting it with the possible legitimate ways, also the Union claims the free world to support these people, in order to achieve the construction of a state of justice, liberty, equality. And the union sends a message to France, where the genocide and murder is done in front of her, and he puts the responsibility on her of what is happening to the Muslims from genocide.

 With respect to the Republic of Kosovo, the Union demands that the Islamic countries and the Arab governments and friendly countries; which still do not recognize it, to be recognized as an independent state, the Union also claims the United Nations to allocate a seat for this republic that is mostly from Muslims. 

Sixth: Like Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries 

With respect to the ethnic and religious minorities and what is facing them in more than a place in the world, of genocidal wars and eradicate and displace, compels them to forced change their religion, language and culture, and the confiscation of the most basic necessities of life, and especially what is facing the Muslim minority in the Central African Republic, Myanmar, and the Christian minority and the Yezidi in Iraq, thus the scholars denounce these behaviors, and consider it a forbidden actions in the legislation of Islam, but they are corruption on earth, and every Muslim, and everyone should stand by these oppressed groups, that drove from their homelands without right, and this does not relate to Islamic Jihad, which proceeded to repel the aggression and the prevent the sedition, and support these vulnerable people.

 In this context, the guests attending recommends Muslim minorities to abide by the requirements of citizenship in the country they live in; respecting the laws, and doing rights and  the duty, caring for the public interest.

The Union is also pleased to thank and appreciate the governments of those countries that guarantee the religion, thought and conscience freedom for the minorities, and appreciate the efforts of those governments that sponsor minorities, and provide them with good ways to live with full rights.


Conference was attended by a large number, they are nearly a thousand of the owners of Virtue and gentlemen scholars, and the owners of tolerance muftis, from all over the world, and the six continents, and this is by the grace of God Almighty, for example, all of Muftis in United Russia has attended, as well as representatives of Muslim minorities in the whole world, which shows the openness and rights that are available to them. 

This great crowd in the current circumstances is a proof that the Union is a reference method acceptance among the general public and scholars and thinkers.

 We cannot at the conclusion of this conference, but to extend our thanks and appreciation on behalf of the IUMS, to Turkey's president, government and people, and to Qatar Emir, government and people, and to all those who contributed to the success of this conference organizing committees and the drafting committees, committees and workshops, and to the orderly management on good organization and arrangement, and to all media, and to the Nakheel organization that  organizes this conference and to Jawaher hotel managers then to members of the General Assembly of the Union. May Allah reward you the good for Islam

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings. 


International Union For Muslim Scholars



 Meeting of the Union at the beginning of the fourth session of 2014-2018





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