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Celebrating and revival of the Quds Global week

The international union of Muslim scholars invites the Islamic nation including all its components especially the scholars, thinkers, media personalities and all the world’s freemen to participate in the Quds Global week with all what they can, and to continuously celebrate this occasion until the liberation in Shaa Allah.

It also values the efforts of the protestors & Al Murabeteen in the occupied city of Quds, the holy mosque and all the lands of Palestine.

Sheikh Ali al-Qaradaghi (Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars) have invited all the freemen of the entire world, and those of the Islamic world governments and people, starting with the scientists, thinkers, different organizations and facilities in the Arabic and Islamic nation to celebrate “The Quds Global week”, as a way of supporting the protestors and Murabeteen in the holy Quds, holy mosque and all of Palestine”, in the memory of liberation of the holy mosque and Quds, in 27th of Ragab 583 Hijri by the Muslim leader Al-Nasir Salah al-Din may Allah forgive him.

This celebration is by multiplying the efforts and condensing the supporting work for the Palestinian cause until it is freed from the occupying Zionists, this revival is through speeches, lectures, seminars and by all available means in support of our first cause.

He also stressed on the important role of the media in exposing the daily transgressions of the occupation, and their commitment of all the heinous crimes, terrorizing by stealing lands, the Judaization of Al-Quds, killing men, women and children, continuous capturing of the citizens in everywhere in Palestine.

Additionally, he emphasized that “The Protection of the holy Quds and liberating it from the occupation is a legal religious duty, and a national, Palestinian and humanitarian necessity”.

Sheikh Ali thanked all who stood with the Palestinian right of kings, presidents, princes, governments, organizations, scholars, media personalities and all the living societies around the world, for that Allah won’t waste their rewards.

“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not.”

                                                              Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi

                                                            Secretary General


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