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IUMS calls on Russia and Ukraine to put an end to their fighting, and to begin a serious dialogue based on neighborly ties

The International Union of Muslim Scholars calls for an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and for a serious dialogue to begin between the two sides based on neighborly ties and common interests.

In addition, the IUMS rejects and condemns the trend of military expansion and the relentless pursuit of expansion and military hegemony.

IUMS extends prayers and supplications for the displaced, and follows with great concern all the displaced women, children, and the elderly who escaped the conflict and left their homes.

IUMS calls on all charitable, humanitarian and international associations and institutions in the Islamic world and elsewhere to expedite the delivery of humanitarian, food and health assistance to these afflicted displaced brothers, for these are our brothers in humanity, and that is why Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said -: “Is it not a soul?” Narrated by Al-Bukhari in his Sahih 1312 and Muslim. 961 and others.

Rather, protecting and caring for any soul - even for non-humans is charity, and there is a great reward with God Almighty. Therefore, we call on health and medical organizations to do their duty towards the wounded and sick.

Finally, we urgently call on countries that have good relations with the two conflicting parties - such as Turkey and Pakistan - to carry out sincere and serious mediation efforts to immediately stop the devastating war in which peoples are losing a lot on all levels.

Prof. Dr. Ali Mohieddin Al-Qaradaghi, IUMS Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Salam Al-Raissouni, IUMS President



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