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Dr. Qaradaghi's statement on the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria

The International Union of Muslim Scholars stands in solidarity with the Turkish and Syrian people in their painful affliction.

He extends his condolences to the Turkish and Syrian peoples, and to the families of the victims, and prays to God Almighty to grant them patience and solace, to grant healing to the wounded, and to affirm that relief for the afflicted is a legal duty.

It also calls upon Islamic countries, charitable and humanitarian organizations, and philanthropists to provide immediate relief:

The International Union of Muslim Scholars expresses its full solidarity with its brothers in Turkey and Syria following the earthquake that struck at a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale, at dawn Monday in southern Turkey, according to information published by the Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management.


Additionally, the Union sends its condolences and sympathy to the two peoples, asking the Almighty God to shower His mercy upon them, to reward them for their suffering, to honor their abode, to admit them to paradise.

The Union calls on "Islamic countries, charitable and humanitarian institutions, and philanthropists to provide urgent help and send  zakat, public alms, and others. The Union confirms that this act is our legitimate duty towards our brothers on Turkey and Syria. God Almighty: (he believers are but brothers...).

Prophet Muhammad says: The parable of the believers in relation to the kindness, mercy and compassion they have for each other, is that of the body: when an organ of it falls ill, the rest of the body responds with fever and sleeplessness.

Monday: 15 Rajab 1444 AH ,Corresponding to: February 06, 2022 AD


 Dr. Ali qaradaghi

Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars



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