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Enowned Syrian Vocalist (Abu Mazen) Ridwan Khalil Anan Passes Away

The celebrated Syrian vocalist (Abu Mazen) Ridwan Khalil Anan passed away on the morning of Wednesday, March 15, 2023, in Cairo, Egypt. Born in Damascus in 1952, Anan graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Science at the University of Damascus.

Abu Mazen was a trailblazer among Islamic revival vocalists, gaining fame for his songs addressing themes of religious outreach, reform, and steadfastness in the face of oppression and tyranny. His music often featured melancholic tunes, resonating with the experiences of prisoners and the harsh conditions faced in Syria and other Islamic countries.

Ridwan Khalil Anan began his career in religious singing while in high school, producing nine albums within two years. His most famous works include "The Epic of Preaching," "The Story of a Martyr," "My Brother, You Are Free," "I Comforted the Light of Allah," and "Sleep, My Little One." In 2000, he released a tenth album titled "Do Not Be Sad."

Following a break from singing due to the turbulent political climate of the early 1980s, Anan pursued a career in engineering and left Syria in 1987 to establish a factory in Egypt. He lived and worked there until his passing. May Allah grant him forgiveness and mercy, bestow health and pardon upon him, honor his abode, widen his entrance to the afterlife, cleanse him with water, snow, and cold, purify him from sins as a white garment is purified from dirt, and bless him with a better dwelling, family, and spouse. May he enter Paradise and be protected from the Fire.



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