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Serbian Muslims Celebrate Opening of New Mosque in Novi Pazar

Muslims in Serbia participated in the opening of the "Hajj Khaled and Hajja Zakia" mosque in Novi Pazar, Sanjak region, last Sunday, in the presence of a large number of members of the Muslim community in the country. The Islamic Community in Serbia, headed by Mufti Muamer Zukorlić, oversaw the construction and opening of the mosque. During his speech at the opening, the Mufti confirmed the significance of the day and how Allah blessed them with the construction of a new mosque that serves the Muslim community in the area. He expressed his happiness with the completion of this important project and said, "Allah opens the doors of goodness for those who intend to do good deeds. When there is a sincere intention, Allah Almighty opens all doors, removes all obstacles, and makes everything easy. Today, this beautiful mosque joins other houses of Allah that serve the Muslim community." Sheikh Anwar Amrutfic, the chief imam and advisor to the Mufti, provided details about the will of Hajj Khaled, who passed away some time ago, leaving a will to his children to build a mosque bearing his and his wife Hajja Zakia's names. Sheikh Amrutfic emphasized that the mosque was built in implementation of Hajj Khaled's will, and his children initiated the implementation of his will about a year ago until its completion and opening. During the opening, certificates of appreciation were presented to the family that donated the mosque, and Hajja Zakia, the wife of Hajj Khaled, who had instructed the building of the mosque, was also in attendance. Many Muslims, religious leaders, and politicians participated in the opening. Source: Online sources.



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