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GHARIB The Stranger©" project.

The "Gharib" Project: Promoting Human and Family Values among Arab and Muslim Children and Youth

The "Gharib The Stranger©" project has been launched to fill a significant gap in the field of artistic drama for Arab and Muslim children and youth. The project focuses on this age group with the aim of conveying noble and humane values, as well as family values, and other virtuous principles to children and youth worldwide, through the character of "Gharib". The character is designed to be a superhero in the science fiction world, with a global appeal and international distribution.

The story of the project takes place in a future scenario where the world is exhausted by long wars, resulting in the destruction of civilizations, and a tyrannical empire dominates most of the world and enslaves people. In this context, "Gharib", the hero of the story, emerges as a savior from enslavement and injustice, through intriguing events and rich messages and values.

The "Gharib" project relies on the latest modern animation technologies and consists of four stages. The first stage is the production of the comic book, which has already been released in Arabic, English, and French, with translation into other languages in progress. The second stage includes the production of a dramatic animation series consisting of four seasons, with each season comprising 48 episodes, with each episode lasting 22 minutes. The third stage is the production of a video game, which may precede the animation stage. The final stage is the production of a 120-minute animated film.

Alongside all these stages, there will be the production of icons (story heroes' dolls), clothing, tools, as well as T-shirts, phone covers, and other accessories related to the story.

The project's founder is Steve Asikidis, a writer, director, and businessman born in Paris, France. He has a passion for art, the meaning of life, and the human condition. Steve has a good experience in film production, animation, and video games.

In 2000, Steve converted to Islam, and he embarked on a journey that spanned several parts of the Islamic world, which enabled him to deeply absorb Arab and Islamic culture.

Steve found that his current mission in life is to deliver a powerful and effective message to the masses, using the highest levels of quality, by employing his professional and personal experience in creating an entertainment project that combines message and quality.


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