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Appointment of Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman as Mufti for the State Government of Penang, Malaysia

The Penang State Government in Malaysia proudly announces the appointment of Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman, a distinguished member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, as the state’s new Mufti, effective July 1, 2024. Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman brings an exemplary record of academic achievements and extensive professional experience, making him an ideal choice for this prestigious role.


Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman holds a PhD and has an illustrious career in teaching and academic research. He has served as an assistant professor at several renowned universities and actively participated in numerous international scientific conferences and workshops. His scholarly contributions include many peer-reviewed articles published in respected academic journals.


In addition to his academic endeavors, Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman has been deeply involved in providing religious consultations and Sharia guidance. He has collaborated with various religious bodies and educational institutions to foster a correct understanding and practical application of Islamic teachings in everyday life.


Dr. Muhammad Suki Osman is renowned for his balanced and holistic approach to addressing religious and social issues, earning him widespread respect and admiration. His appointment as the Mufti for Penang is highly anticipated, with expectations that his expertise and visionary insights will greatly contribute to the promotion of Islamic values and the enhancement of the local community.


Source: The Union


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