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150 Rohingya killed in Myanmar due to 'Cyclone Mora'

A local official representing the Rohingya minority in Myanmar has stated that approximately 150 Rohingya individuals have tragically lost their lives due to the impact of Cyclone Mora.

Mujibullah, a Rohingya leader and Director of the Islamic and Cultural Heritage Committee in the Rohingya Union in Arakan, received information confirming the fatalities of at least 150 individuals from the Rohingya community residing in two villages in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.

Expressing deep concern, Mujibullah highlighted the potential for an increase in the casualty count as the full extent of the cyclone's devastation becomes known in the heavily affected areas.

Notably, he emphasized that the internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Sittwe, home to approximately 140,000 Rohingya, have sustained significant damage, raising serious apprehensions about the safety and well-being of those who are currently stranded within these camps.

Earlier reports indicated the loss of 41 lives across different regions of Myanmar as a result of the cyclone. However, authorities caution that determining a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the total number of casualties will require additional time and data collection.

The United Nations previously issued a warning, highlighting the vulnerability of nearly two million people in the face of the cyclone's impact. Titon Mitra, the representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Myanmar, characterized the expected damages and losses as extensive, underscoring the urgent need for humanitarian assistance in affected areas.

Source: Local reports, United Nations Development Programme.





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