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IUMS Mourns the Passing of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dibagh, Former Director of Qatar Charity Association and Humanitarian Pioneer in Qatar

Allah, the Almighty, said in Surah Al-Fajr (27-30): "O soul at peace, return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing, and enter among My servants, and enter My Paradise."

With profound sadness and sorrow, our hearts are filled with acceptance of Allah's decree as we receive the news of the passing of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dabbagh, the former director of Qatar Charity and a distinguished figure in charitable, humanitarian, and scouting work in Qatar. He departed this world at the age of 75, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and service.

Birth and Early Life

Abdullah Mohammed Al-Dabbagh, the esteemed preacher, was born in Qatar in 1948. He received his education in Qatari schools, progressing through various stages of learning.

The Departed's Contributions - May Allah have mercy on him

Throughout his career, the departed soul served in the Ministry of Education, assuming the role of store manager. Additionally, he held the position of director of the Lands Department in the country. His notable appointment as the head of Qatar Charity spanned many years, during which he dedicated himself to humanitarian and volunteer work, accomplishing numerous tangible achievements. He has left behind a cherished legacy, marked by his philanthropic endeavors and a remarkable journey filled with benevolence and charitable acts. His contributions and accomplishments shall forever remain etched in the memory of countless individuals.

A Life Dedicated to Giving

The departed soul lived a life brimming with acts of charity, righteousness, and kindness, tirelessly serving the needs of the marginalized and extending support to orphans, women, and the impoverished.

He was renowned for his integrity, honesty, uprightness, generosity, and benevolence. Earning immense love and respect from all who knew him, he exemplified high moral values and showed profound reverence for humanity, wholeheartedly dedicating himself to their service, seeking nothing but the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah.

The Islamic community mourns the loss of a sincere advocate. We beseech Allah, the Most High, to grant him forgiveness and encompass him with His boundless mercy, and to admit him to the highest level of Paradise, alongside the prophets, the righteous, and the noble companions. May He bestow patience and solace upon his family and loved ones during this difficult time. Truly, He is the ultimate Lord, and the One who responds to our prayers.

Verily, we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

Date: Wednesday, 4th Dhu al-Qa'dah 1444 AH Corresponding to: 24th May 2023 CE


Dr. Ali Al-Qurradaghi, Secretary General

Dr. Salem Saqaf Al-Jifri, President.



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