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Union Commends Turkish People's Dedication to Transparent Elections, Congratulates President Erdogan on Victory

The International Union of Muslim Scholars extends its heartfelt appreciation, congratulations, and blessings to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on his victory in the elections. The Union highly commends the unwavering dedication of the Turkish people in achieving a political system that is transparent and just.

In a message of congratulations signed by the President and Secretary-General on behalf of all members of the Union and its branches, the Union emphasizes that the elections have unequivocally demonstrated that the true winner is the noble Turkish people. These fair and transparent elections strongly reflect the strength, determination, and unwavering will of the Turkish people in their pursuit of a better future for their country. The elections also serve as a resounding testament to the deeply-rooted democracy in the nation.

The Union expresses warm congratulations to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish people for their remarkable success. This achievement underscores President Erdogan's profound commitment to Islamic principles and democracy, as well as his openness and willingness to embrace and fulfill the aspirations of the people.

Furthermore, the Union extends its congratulations to President Erdogan on the successful parliamentary elections, recognizing that this accomplishment exemplifies the immense dedication and strong commitment of the Turkish people. It reflects their sincere desire to establish a political system characterized by transparency and justice.

The following is the text of the congratulatory speech:

"We wholeheartedly and joyfully extend our sincere congratulations to you on the resounding success of the second round of elections, which unequivocally affirmed the Turkish people as the true victors and champions of entrenched democracy. These fair and transparent elections serve as conclusive evidence of the unwavering strength, determination, and will of the great Turkish people to forge a brighter future for their beloved nation.

On this momentous occasion, we express our warmest congratulations to Your Excellency and the Turkish people for their exceptional achievement. This triumph underscores your unwavering commitment to upholding Islamic principles and democratic values, as well as your magnanimity in embracing and actualizing the will of the people.

In addition, we celebrate your success in the parliamentary elections. This milestone highlights the remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment of the Turkish people, and their sincere yearning to establish a political system founded upon transparency and justice.

Your Excellency,

At this auspicious juncture, we wish to assure you of our unwavering support and profound appreciation for your relentless efforts in serving your nation and its people. We firmly believe that Turkey, under your wise leadership, will continue to advance and flourish. The International Union of Muslim Scholars remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering close ties between our institution and the esteemed institutions of your esteemed nation.

Prior to and during the elections, we called for the elevation and progress of Turkey, envisioning a nation that champions truth and justice, stands as a shield for the oppressed, and embraces the downtrodden.

May Your Excellency continue to experience boundless success and progress, and may the noble Turkish people lead lives filled with happiness, advancement, and prosperity.

May Allah Almighty bestow upon you abundant blessings and continued progress, and safeguard your great nation and its illustrious people from all harm.

May you always be under the gracious care and protection of Allah.

Peace be upon you, and may the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you.

Sunday: 8 Dhu al-Qa'dah 1444 AH

Corresponding to: May 28, 2023

Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi

Dr. Salem Saqaf al-Jufri


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