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Fostering Unity, Accountability, and Peace: International Union of Muslim Scholars' Appeal for a Promising Future in Ethiopia

g Unity, Accountability, and Peace: International Union of Muslim Scholars' Appeal for a Promising Future in Ethiopia"

Note: The provided translation of the text has been further improved for clarity and impact:

The International Union of Muslim Scholars expresses deep concern regarding the recent events unfolding in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. In light of these developments, we urgently call upon the government to take decisive measures to compensate for the demolished homes and mosques, and to provide essential support to those affected. Furthermore, we emphasize the critical importance of holding the perpetrators accountable for their involvement in acts of violence and corruption. The safety of all citizens must be ensured, alongside concerted efforts to restore calm and stability throughout the country.

We firmly believe that dialogue and reconciliation are essential to overcoming these challenges. We encourage all parties involved to engage in respectful and constructive discussions, focusing on shared interests and common goals. In this regard, we offer our support to the Supreme Islamic Council in Ethiopia for their efforts in fostering dialogue and understanding, ultimately leading to social security and lasting peace.

The Union underscores that unity and solidarity among all segments of society are indispensable in building a prosperous future for Ethiopia. We stand ready to collaborate and coordinate with all relevant stakeholders in the country, with the aim of promoting stability and peace.

In conclusion, we urge all parties to reject violence and embrace a culture of peace, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence among diverse social components. It is crucial to uphold justice and respect for the law as fundamental principles that will contribute to the advancement and harmonious development of Ethiopia.

Wednesday, 15th Dhul-Qa'dah 1444 AH Corresponding to 4th June 2023 CE

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi Secretary-General

Dr. Salem Saqaf Al-Jafari President




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