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The Union vehemently condemns the immoral parties in Islamic countries, urging their immediate halt and a commitment to righteousness for the benefit of their communities (statement).

Recently, there has been a proliferation of indecent parties that contain actions displeasing to God. Among these, one party particularly stood out due to its provocative words and actions that gravely insulted the Muslim community, its faith, and its sacred values. This is a major affront to our beliefs, the Islamic peoples, and to all scholars and scholarly institutions. We hope these institutions will join us in this religious and historical stance. They are obligated to provide a religious statement on incidents like these and bear the responsibility before God and the community to warn of the dangers of such heinous provocations. Such actions could lead to public unrest, a loss of trust in public institutions, increased division, and further regression in our civilizational and urban progress.


Clearly, religious texts indicate that openly displaying disbelief and sins (or openly displaying actions that clash with Islamic beliefs) is an ill omen that portends destruction and invites the wrath of God.


The World Union of Muslim Scholars, while denouncing this great sin, emphasizes the following:


The World Union of Muslim Scholars clearly expresses its disapproval of such indecent parties in any Arab or Islamic country, especially those that challenge God Almighty and violate the sanctities and sentiments of Muslims.


The Union requests those in charge, especially those responsible for these activities, to stop them immediately and to take legal action against those involved in this grave transgression and to investigate the provocative, hostile actions and words.


The Union encourages scholarly bodies in the Islamic world, influential figures including academics, media professionals, intellectuals, writers, poets, bloggers, etc., to clarify their religious stance on this sin as a responsibility to support their community and uphold the truth.


The Union urges all Muslims to adhere to the path pleasing to God and to avoid actions that may invoke His wrath and punishment. This is a call to recognize their responsibility towards their Muslim community and to promote monotheism and uphold the duty to command what is right and forbid what is wrong.


The Union reminds all Muslims that Islam and its sanctities are preserved and will continue until the Day of Judgment. They have the duty to remain steadfast in their faith, practice patience, defend their religion, and avoid provocation and incitement. "But Allah prevails over His affair, although most of the people do not know." (Quran, Yusuf: 21).


Wednesday, 14 Safar 1445 AH

Corresponding to: August 30, 2023


Dr. Ali Al-Qura Daghi - General Secretary

Dr. Salem Saqaf Al-Jafri - President.



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