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Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi Appointed to Afro-Asian University Trustees Counci

On the Recommendation of the Afro-Asian University: Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiyaddin Al-Qaradaghi Appointed as a Trustee Member

The Somali Ministry of Higher Education has approved the appointment of Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiyaddin Al-Qaradaghi, the Secretary-General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, as a trustee member of the Afro-Asian University. 

This appointment comes in recognition of his outstanding scholarly contributions, which are rich in publications and distinctive scientific research characterized by deep analysis, grounding, seriousness, and precision. His contributions have addressed contemporary issues affecting humanity in a manner marked by neutrality, objectivity, concept clarification, and the promotion of values of goodness, peace, and progress.

Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiyaddin Al-Qaradaghi has also been selected for his supportive efforts in the field of education and for his diligent work in raising awareness and instilling values. Furthermore, he has played a role in achieving a scientific and knowledge unity between the continents of Africa and Asia.

It is worth noting that the "Afro-Asian University in Somalia" is a higher education institution established in the Federal Republic of Somalia in 2022, following approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Higher Education. This appointment aligns with the university's system and executive regulations, as the Board of Trustees is the supreme body overseeing the university's operations, strategic direction, and the achievement of its goals and missions.


Source: Al-Ittihad Newspaper



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