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Message from the International Union of Muslim Scholars to the leaders of the Islamic Ummah regarding the heinous crimes and genocide in Gaza.

Leaders of the Islamic Nation / Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Honorable Highnesses


May Allah guide you and direct your steps.


Peace be upon you, and may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. After that,


It is not hidden from Your Excellencies the heinous crimes, the genocide of your brothers and sisters, children, women, and elders in Gaza, the destruction of hospitals, mosques, and churches, the cutting off of water and electricity, the prevention of the flow of water, food, and medicine, and the deliberate shelling with all deadly weapons that led to the martyrdom of nearly six thousand martyrs, most of them children, women, patients, and wounded, and more than fifteen thousand wounded, and similar crimes, all of which fall under the category of genocide and crimes against humanity.


In the face of this catastrophic and tragic situation, most Western leaders deal with it with a strange double standard, or even clear support for all these crimes under the pretext of self-defense. However, all divine laws and international laws permit the resistance of occupiers by all legitimate means. What the resistance did within the Gaza Strip was in accordance with these laws and regulations, as it was against the Gaza military faction. Meanwhile, the unlawful war by the occupying state was primarily directed towards civilians, aiming to exterminate them, deport them, terrorize them, and deprive them of all possible means of life.


Faced with these catastrophic tragedies and double standards, Muslim scholars turn to Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses, in accordance with your faith and fraternity, and your conscience in the face of these injustices.


Based on this, we request the following from Your Excellencies:


First: Initiate appropriate practical measures commensurate with the magnitude of the catastrophe to exert practical pressure to immediately stop the fighting. One of the most important measures is cutting diplomatic and economic relations with the occupying state by the countries concerned. If the fighting is not stopped immediately, Islamic countries must take another stance from the war, including expanding the scope of the war and economically boycotting the countries supporting the occupation, among other actions taken by Your Excellencies, the rulers.


If such decisions are taken, the occupying aggressor will be deterred, the Arab and Islamic streets will be in harmony with their leaders, and much good will be achieved, and extremist ideas, discord, and disagreement will be eliminated.


Second: In this regard, we call on the honorable leaders to establish a humanitarian alliance of countries supporting the rights of the Palestinian people in Asia, Europe, America, South America, and Africa, along with human rights institutions worldwide, at the highest level.


What is happening is considered the crime of the era, a Nazi-like racism, and a Holocaust against our people in Gaza.


Third: Organize an air and land bridge to provide the necessary assistance to the people of Gaza. How can we answer to our Lord about the people of Gaza and their patients without fuel to operate their hospitals, and about 50% of the world's petroleum in Islamic countries? If the occupier does not respond to this request, then a comprehensive boycott is required, and the export of petroleum and gas to all countries that stand with injustice and aggression, similar to the boycott called for by the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him.


Fourth: Make every possible effort to prevent the deportation of the people of Gaza because the occupying enemy wants this through the destruction of Gaza and its inhabitants. When that is achieved, the second stage will be the deportation of the people of the West Bank, and at that point, the extreme Zionist right-wing will achieve its dream of a Jewish state over all of Palestine.


Fifth: Generously donate to the people of Gaza and allow the collection of donations for their benefit through official associations.


Sixth: The lives and honor of these oppressed people are a trust on your shoulders, may God protect you. Protecting them and defending them is a legitimate duty, a national necessity, and a humanitarian obligation. It is not permissible to abandon them, and loyalty and standing with the occupier against our primary cause is undoubtedly prohibited, a betrayal of our first cause, and contrary to sound human nature, nobility, and righteousness.


Seventh: With the Muslims, God has promised the truth, and God's laws are in favor of the criminals, the occupiers: that they will eventually perish. Truth will prevail in the end, and injustice will be defeated in the end, and occupation is undoubtedly temporary, as God says: "And our word has already preceded for our servants, the messengers, that indeed, they would be those given victory, and [that] indeed, our soldiers will be those who overcome." (Quran, Surah As-Saffat, 37:171-173)


O Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,


The Islamic nation is waiting for its leaders to support and stand with all their capabilities alongside their brothers in Gaza to protect them, prevent injustice, aggression, and the genocide of the people of Gaza.


May God Almighty grant you success in achieving goodness and victory and make you keys to goodness and locks to evil.


Peace be upon you, and may the mercy and blessings of God be upon you.


Tuesday: 9 Rabi' Al-Akhir 1445 H

Corresponding to: October 24, 2023 CE


Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi



Dr. Salem Sqaaf Al-Jufri




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