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Continuing Airstrikes Inflict Casualties in Gaza for 32nd Consecutive Day

For 32 uninterrupted days, Israeli combat aircraft have persisted in their bombardment of residential and structural targets across the Gaza Strip, leading to a continued toll of Palestinian deaths and injuries.

As reported by the Palestinian news agency "WAFA," "At least five individuals, including a woman, were martyred, and several others wounded following a post-midnight strike by the occupation's planes on a home in the Shabura Refugee Camp in Rafah, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip."

"In a separate attack, a bombing targeting a house in the Ma'an area east of Khan Yunis claimed the lives of eight martyrs."

Medical sources have confirmed "the martyrdom of one citizen and several injuries from an assault on a residential building in northern Gaza."

Israeli forces targeted scattered locations along Al-Rasheed Street near the Tal Al-Hawa region west of Gaza City. This was coupled with relentless artillery fire over the Sudaniya district northwest of Gaza City.

The bombardment also hit several positions around the Al-Sha'biya junction in central Gaza City.

Prior to these events, the focus of the shelling by aircraft and artillery was around Al-Quds Hospital in Tal Al-Hawa, extending to Al-Shati Camp, Al-Maghazi, Al-Zaytoun, Beit Hanoun, regions in the north of Beit Lahia, and various other locales within the Gaza Strip, resulting in additional casualties and injuries.

In a related note, the Palestinian Red Crescent raised alarms that Israeli planes launched two missiles near Al-Quds Hospital, urgently calling for international organizations to promptly deliver essential aid and supplies to the Gaza Governorate and its northern districts.

Healthcare providers anticipate that the fuel reserves for Al-Quds Hospital's power generators will be exhausted within the next 48 hours. Al-Awda Hospital sources also signal that their fuel supplies are dwindling and will be completely depleted within 30 hours.

Sources at the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip warned of a total operational shutdown within 24 hours due to fuel scarcity, noting that some of the hospital's critical sections have already ceased functioning.

The Israeli military's ongoing "destructive campaign" on Gaza has, over a 32-day period, resulted in the deaths of 10,022 Palestinians, among them 4,104 children and 2,641 women, with over 25,000 more injured. In the West Bank, the violence has led to the deaths of 160 Palestinians and the detention of 2,150, as stated by official Palestinian sources.



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