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The President of the Union offers condolences on the death of 'Abdulhamid', son of Sheikh Al-Muqri Abdul Rashid Sufi.

His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, the President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, mourned the young Sheikh "Abdulhamid," the youngest son of Sheikh Al-Muqri Abdul Rashid Sufi, a specialist in the science of Quranic readings.


In a post on his Facebook page, Al-Qaradaghi expressed his sorrow over the loss of Sheikh Abdul Rashid Sufi's beloved son, noting that the deceased was a memorizer of the Quran and one of the people of the Noble Quran.


He commented, "We extend our sincerest condolences and sympathy to Sheikh Abdul Rashid and his noble family, praying to God to envelop the deceased in His vast mercy, admit him into the expanse of His paradises, and make his grave a garden from the gardens of paradise."


The young Sheikh Abdulhamid was a person of high character and continuous communication, a reader and memorizer of the Quran, distinguished by his melodious voice in reciting the Noble Quran.



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