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IUMS Praises South Africa's Dedication to Human Values, Recognizes Its Triumph Over Zionist Oppression, and Encourages Free and Islamic Countries to Align with Its Efforts

The World Union of Muslim Scholars: South Africa Exemplifies Defense of Human Values, Overcomes Zionist Oppression, Calls for Global and Islamic Nations to Join in Halting the Genocide of Our People in Gaza and Ending the Aggression.

The World Union of Muslim Scholars commends South Africa's valor in facing Zionist oppression and its vigorous defense that influenced the International Court of Justice's decisions.

The Union emphasizes that the "Palestinian issue" is deeply ingrained in the annals of international justice, underscoring the following:

South Africa, both its populace and government, has aligned with human values, demonstrating remarkable courage and resilience against Zionist oppression and the injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people. These historical stances at the International Court of Justice will forever be etched in the annals of human memory, transcending the bounds of time.

South Africa's stance has shed light on the inaction or support for colonial occupation in Palestine by many powerful and influential nations with a global presence.

The Union stresses that human values are indivisible and asserts that standing with oppressed peoples is a testament to inherent goodness and intellectual integrity.

South Africa has unveiled the realities and falsehoods perpetuated by certain nations complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

The Union urges the peoples of the free world and the Islamic community to exert pressure on their governments for immediate and earnest efforts to halt the unjust war on Gaza, providing humanitarian assistance including medicine, food, water, and essentials for children, women, and the needy. This call is echoed in the Quranic verse, "Were it not for Allah's repelling some people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds." (Quran, 2:251).

South Africa leads the world in championing freedom of expression, a commitment to justice, and a repudiation of injustice. It is imperative that Western civilizations learn from these values before divine retribution as ordained against tyrants, oppressors, criminals, corrupters, and the extravagant manifests, as Allah says, "Such has been the way of Allah with those who [have passed] before; and you will not find any change in the way of Allah." (Quran, 33:62).

Saturday: 15 Rajab 1445H Corresponding: 27 January 2024

Dr. Ali bin Mohammed Al-Salabi,General Secretary
Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, President



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