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The launch of the "Little Arab World" competition to support Gazan children in the field of scientific culture and research.

Arab scientists and researchers have launched a Ramadan competition in scientific culture and research titled "The Little Arab Scientist" aimed at children in Gaza, with the goal of supporting them and encouraging their love for science and knowledge despite the difficult challenges they face due to circumstances and wars.

The competition involves posing a daily scientific question in various fields such as physics, mathematics, and chemistry, where participants submit their answers in a summary presented through a video clip.

Prizes are awarded to the winners according to their ranking, with the first-place winner receiving $500, the second $400, and the third $350, in addition to other prizes for participants.

This year, a group of scientists and professors in various fields are participating in posing the questions, including 36 professors, among them Dr. Essam Heggy, the Egyptian space scientist at NASA.

Dr. Mahmoud Hegazi, a consultant in medical physics for radiation cancer treatment and one of the organizers of the competition, praised the participation of many children from the sector, emphasizing that their participation, despite the circumstances they are going through, is highly hopeful.

Hegazi showcased on Al Jazeera Mubasher a segment of the participation of children in Gaza and their answers to the competition questions, praising the scientific level they possess despite the lack of educational resources due to the blockade imposed on the sector for many years.

It's noteworthy that Al Jazeera Mubasher channel sponsors the "Little Arab World" competition, dedicating daily space to publishing the answers of Gaza's children and the scientists' comments on them.

Source: Agencies + Social media platforms


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