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World Central Kitchen Founder Highlights Tragic Loss of Aid Workers in Gaza Incident

In a recent statement, the founder of World Central Kitchen, celebrity chef Jose Andres, reported a grievous event in Gaza where seven humanitarian aid workers lost their lives. These workers, associated with the charity, were involved in an incident attributed to an Israeli operation on Monday. According to Andres, the attack appeared to target the aid workers’ vehicles deliberately, with each vehicle being hit in succession.


Andres emphasized that World Central Kitchen had been in direct communication with the Israeli military, ensuring transparency about the movements of their aid teams. Despite these precautions, a drone strike targeted the vehicles, culminating in a missile strike on a vehicle attempting to evacuate the injured, resulting in the tragic loss of all seven occupants.


Among the victims were individuals from diverse nationalities, including three British citizens, an American-Canadian dual national, a Palestinian, a Polish, and an Australian. The incident has sparked a call from Andres for thorough investigations by the US government and the governments of the deceased aid workers' home countries.


The event has also led to significant discussions within the UK about reassessing arms supplies to Israel, against the backdrop of the ongoing situation in Gaza.



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