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The union calls upon the Islamic nation and humanity to stand in solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla to break the siege and deliver food and medical aid to Gaza


The International Union of Muslim Scholars follows with great pain the suffering of the people of Gaza, who face wars and genocide that have exceeded all human limits. This calls for immediate and collective action to stand by them in these difficult circumstances. The Union has done everything in its power to contribute to preventing aggression, lifting the siege, and delivering urgent relief to them.

In this context, the organization "IHH" in Turkey, in cooperation with a number of regional and international civil institutions from 50 countries, has launched the "Freedom Flotilla" project, consisting of three ships equipped with medical and food supplies, aimed at ceasing fire, breaking the siege of Gaza, and delivering necessary humanitarian aid to the afflicted Palestinian people.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars believes that this type of peaceful organization of civil activities represents an effective tool in advancing efforts towards achieving peace and ending the unjust siege on Gaza.

From here, the Union has collaborated and continues to collaborate with these organizations, urging international cooperation and comprehensive solidarity to support this noble campaign.

We, at the International Union of Muslim Scholars, participate and announce our full support for this blessed humanitarian initiative, and call for the following:

1- Support from all Arab and Islamic governments and the international community for this initiative, providing material and moral support to successfully implement it, and standing by the Turkish government in facilitating the procedures for delivering aid to Gaza by sea.

2- Immediate participation from all charitable associations and relief institutions in equipping the ships with the necessary food and medical materials for this humanitarian campaign.

3- Invitation to parliamentarians, human rights activists, scholars, and active individuals to personally join this campaign and participate in the flotilla heading from Istanbul to Gaza.

4- Coverage and support by independent media for this humanitarian initiative, to spread its message and goals and emphasize its importance both locally and internationally.

5- Calling all preachers and imams to support this initiative and talk about it during the Friday sermon, emphasizing the importance of supporting it materially and morally.

In conclusion, we ask Allah Almighty to bless the efforts of those involved in this humanitarian campaign in the Freedom Flotilla and to make it a step towards achieving victory, empowerment, peace, and justice in free Palestine.

Allah Almighty says: [And say, "Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers] (The Repentance: 105).

Monday: 13 Shawwal 1445H Corresponding: April 22, 2024

Secretary-General: Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Salabi

President: Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi



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