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Berlin: March Demands Halt of Arms Shipments to Israel and Expresses Solidarity with Palestine

The German capital Berlin witnessed a march on Saturday in which about two thousand people participated, gathering to demand a halt to arms shipments to Israel.

The rally took place in Potsdamer Platz to protest against the Israeli war in Gaza and express solidarity with Palestine, then moved from the square to the Federal Parliament building.

Police temporarily detained a number of protesters for chanting "incendiary slogans against Israel's right to exist."

During the march, demonstrators chanted slogans such as "Germany funds and Israel bombs," "Shame on you," and "No weapons for Israel."

Protesters carried signs reading "Stop supporting Israel with my taxes" and "As Jews, we call for no support for genocide."

Since October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, resulting in more than 110,000 dead, injured, and missing, mostly children and women, along with massive destruction and a famine that has claimed the lives of children and the elderly, according to Palestinian and international data.

Israel continues its war despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, as well as its appearance before the International Court of Justice on charges of committing "genocide."

Source: Agencies



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