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With the presence of the union president, the scientific coursefor young scientists in Istanbul concluded, featuring extensive participation from Balkan nations.

  • 30/04/2024 | 11:03 AM
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The activities of the “Scientific Course for Young Scholars” were launched, which brought together young people from the Balkan countries and other regions around the world, organized by the Youth Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, under the supervision of His Eminence Dr. Osama Eid, and in cooperation with the Endowment of Islamic Scholars.

The course began on Sunday, April 21, corresponding to Shawwal 13, 1445 AH, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and continued for 5 days.

This course comes within a series of courses that aim to enhance the capabilities of a new generation of young Muslims specializing in Sharia sciences, and to enhance communication with scholars of the Islamic nation, with the aim of forming an empowered generation that combines correct religious knowledge with an understanding of the modern era and its requirements.

The course includes many main topics and covers several topics.

The course addresses several main topics, with the first highlighting the book “The Qur’an and Reason” by His Eminence Professor Dr. Abu Zaid Al-Muqri Al-Idrisi, which deals with an analysis of the most important aspects of the crisis of reason among the contemporary Muslim, and provides solutions through Quranic logic.

Other topics in the course include important topics such as: “Hadith Issues,” which His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Khaleq Al-Sharif, head of the Sharif Endowment in Istanbul, addressed in his book “The Virtuous Answers to the Complete Ten Questions.”

Other topics include extensive lectures, such as “The Role of Scholars in Consolidating the Concept of One Nation” with His Eminence Dr. Abdul-Wahab Akinji, Chairman of the Islamic Scholars Endowment, which is hosting the session. His Eminence Dr. Mustafa Qaratash also presented the topic “The Role Model Imam.” Which deals with the importance of working with knowledge for the preacher.

Other topics discuss topics such as “Inspiring Scientific Models” with His Eminence Dr. Omar Korkmaz, and “Science and the Essence of Man” with His Eminence Professor Dr. Nasrallah Haci Muftioglu, in addition to “The Shadow of the Al-Aqsa Flood.” And tidings of victory and empowerment with His Eminence Dr. Hatem Abdel Azim, and “The Shadow of Current Events” and reflections on the jurisprudence of advocacy with His Eminence Dr. Jamal Abdel Sattar.

This session also included an accompanying program that included a sports and entertainment program, as well as a religious and educational program in which young people participated in sessions of prayer and remembrance, prayers of prayer, and the exchange of thoughts and praise.

The participants, numbering approximately 45 young men and women, received certificates from the International Union of Muslim Scholars, in a joyful ceremony that witnessed the presence of His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Qara Daghi, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and Professor Dr. Abu Zaid Al-Muqri Al-Idrisi, Dr. Marwan Abu Ras, Chairman of the Palestine Scholars Association, Dr. Abdul Wahab Akinci, Chairman of the Endowment of Islamic Scholars, and Dr. Nasrallah Haci Muftioglu.

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