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15th International Interfaith Dialogue Conference Focuses on Youth Education and Family Values

On Tuesday, the 15th International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue commenced, revolving around the theme of "Religions and the education of youth amidst contemporary family changes" under the banner "Family Integration: Religion, Values, and Education."


The two-day conference includes a series of sessions focusing on pivotal issues related to family structures and their religious and educational values.


The conference features a distinguished group of thinkers, researchers, and scholars from the three Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), with over 300 participants from nearly 70 countries, making it a significant intellectual and dialogical platform for representatives of these religions.


The event also sees the participation of several scholars from the International Union of Muslim Scholars, including its president, Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qaradaghi.


The Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue is part of a long series of conferences held over nearly 20 years in the Qatari capital, which has brought together a diverse group of religious scholars, academics, and heads of dialogue centers from around the world, as well as those interested in interfaith dialogue in general.


During the conference, the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue announced the winners of the fifth edition of awards for individuals and religious institutions that have made significant contributions to supporting families affected by poverty, disasters, wars, and conflicts.


Among the winners, a "resilient" Palestinian family in Gaza received a special award as part of the Doha Global Awards for Interfaith Dialogue.


Special Award for the Palestinian Family


Meanwhile, Qatar's Minister of State for International Cooperation, Lulwa Al-Khater, and the Chairman of the Center, Ibrahim Al-Naimi, honored the winners and presented the awards at the opening ceremony of the 15th International Conference on Interfaith Dialogue.


Aligned with the conference's theme and motto, the award topics varied, with winners including Dr. Agadir Jouihan, General Director of the Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training in Jordan, and Dr. Mads Gilbert, a doctor and activist in war and conflict zones, particularly in Gaza.


In the institutions category, the Islamic Waqf Association in Japan and the Friendship Organization for Sustainable Development in China were awarded.


A special award was given to the "resilient" Palestinian family in Gaza, accepted by Yusuf Al-Kuwari, the CEO of Qatar Charity, which will be delivered as part of the aid provided to Palestinian families.


The Doha Global Award for Interfaith Dialogue was launched in 2013 to support and encourage the efforts and achievements of individuals and institutions that have a significant impact on promoting the principle of dialogue and fostering a culture of peace.


Source: QNA + Agencies


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