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General Secretariat Convenes Virtual Meeting to Discuss and Decide on Committee Plans and Projects

Doha, May 6, 2024: The General Secretariat hosted a virtual session on Monday, May 6, 2024, focusing on discussing the preparations of various committees and presenting recommendations and decisions related to them.

The session was opened with a welcoming speech by the Secretary-General, who discussed the importance of the well-prepared committees and outlined their plans and visions to ensure their success. He also emphasized the importance of supporting these committees and facilitating all procedures to successfully achieve their goals. The session, which lasted an hour and a half, was chaired by Sheikh Fadl Murad.

This was followed by extensive discussions on the projects of different committees, where appropriate recommendations and decisions were made to make these projects sustainable and effective.

In addition, other proposals were discussed about organizing meetings between the Secretary-General and the presidency, and holding special sessions of the General Secretariat to deliberate on major issues

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