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The Consultative Summit of Islamic World Scholars" Convenes in Istanbul with Prominent Religious and Political Leaders

Amid a backdrop of solidarity, the opening session of the "Consultative Summit of Islamic World Scholars" commenced today in Istanbul, Turkey, under the auspices of Mr. Ali Erbaş, the Turkish President of Religious Affairs. The summit aims to spotlight the current plight in Gaza and address the ongoing massacres and genocide occurring in the region.

The inauguration was attended by Sheikh Ali Mohyiddin al-Qaradaghi, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, along with various ministers of religious affairs and heads of Islamic institutions from around the world, reflecting a profound and shared concern for the humanitarian and religious issues impacting the Islamic community.

In his opening remarks, Sheikh al-Qaradaghi delivered a poignant speech, emphasizing the necessity of Islamic solidarity to support the Palestinian people. He called for the establishment of an international alliance to halt the genocide in Gaza and to form a global organization dedicated to protecting the oppressed, urging immediate action to restore security and peace.

This summit is held against the backdrop of the tragic events in Gaza, where military operations continue despite international and United Nations calls for a ceasefire, highlighting the urgent need for a unified Islamic intervention now more than ever.

The summit's objectives extend beyond discussing the situation in Gaza; it also aims to foster a religious and intellectual platform that enhances dialogue and understanding among peoples and nations, reaffirming the message of peace that is central to divine religious teachings.

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