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The Second Training Course on "Fiqh Al-Mizan" Book Introduction

Selangor, Malaysia – May 21, 2024

As part of a series of training courses continuing until November 2024, the Islamic University in Selangor organized the second session to introduce the book "Fiqh Al-Mizan" by Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi. The course took place at the Islamic University and was attended by the university’s professors and staff.

The course was presented by Sheikh Fawaz Ahmad Fadel, Deputy President of the Union's Malaysia branch, who discussed the topic "The Disruption Resulting from Ignoring Fiqh Al-Mizan in Analyzing Sharia and Worldly Matters." Sheikh Fawaz highlighted the importance of adopting the approach of Fiqh Al-Mizan to understand and apply Sharia rulings in a way that ensures balance between religious and worldly aspects in the lives of Muslims.

During his presentation of the book, Sheikh Fawaz stated that if governments undertook the dissemination of this new jurisprudence, "Fiqh Al-Mizan," they would succeed in many fields. He explained how Fiqh Al-Mizan aids in deeply and balancedly analyzing Sharia matters, contributing to providing realistic Sharia solutions that align with modern-day requirements. He also emphasized the necessity for scholars and specialists to adopt this approach to achieve harmony between Sharia and daily life and to avoid problems arising from a misunderstanding of jurisprudential rules.


This course is part of the Islamic University’s efforts to promote a correct and moderate understanding of Islam and encourage ongoing research and study in contemporary jurisprudential issues. The courses aim to build the capacities of the university’s professors and staff in the field of Islamic jurisprudence, thereby enhancing the level of Sharia education and religious awareness in the community.


The course was well-received by participants who praised Sheikh Fawaz Ahmad Fadel’s comprehensive and distinctive presentation and expressed their interest in following the upcoming series of courses that will continue until the end of this year.


It is noteworthy that the book "Fiqh Al-Mizan" by Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, has received wide attention in academic and jurisprudential circles. It is considered one of the pioneering books that offer a new and integrated vision for the understanding and application of Sharia. It is also used as a reference in many universities and jurisprudential institutions, contributing to enhancing scientific discussions on how to achieve balance and moderation in fatwas and Sharia applications.

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