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Al-Qaradaghi Urges Support for Talented Individuals in the Islamic Ummah, Emphasizing that the Nation Thrives with Innovators

In his speech on Saturday, June 29, during the inauguration of the first scientific forum for talented individuals from blessed Yemen, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al-Qaradaghi, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, highlighted the importance of nurturing talent across all scientific and technical fields.


The forum, organized by the Yemeni International Development Agency, saw participation from prominent scholars, including the Vice Presidents of the Union, His Eminence Sheikh Issam Al-Bashir and His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hasan Al-Dido. Their participation was part of a scientific symposium titled "Talent in Human and Islamic Sciences: Between Foundation and Application."


In his opening session speech, the President emphasized that these talented individuals represent the hope of the Ummah in achieving progress and development. He stressed the need to direct efforts towards developing their capabilities and enhancing their leadership and creative skills.


Sheikh Al-Qaradaghi, in his address, reviewed examples from Islamic civilization, such as the biography of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his method of selecting and nurturing talented individuals. He highlighted the importance of using pioneering educational methods adopted by the Prophet (peace be upon him), such as testing and observation, in developing the talents of the youth.


Sheikh Al-Qaradaghi stressed that the Islamic Ummah urgently needs to enhance the support for talented individuals to achieve a true balance between the two aspects of stewardship, which are faith and development, and to drive progress and prosperity in various fields.


The forum was an occasion to celebrate the achievements of distinguished students and to recall the heritage of the Islamic Ummah in nurturing talented individuals and benefiting from them in achieving the landmarks of knowledge and civilization.


Attached is the text of the President's speech at the opening session:


Source: The Union



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