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The Union convenes the fourth meeting of the Board of Trustees in its fourth session at the Turkish Konya city

The Municipality of Konya city in Turkey hosts the fourth meeting of the Board of Trustees of the IUMS in its fourth course 2014 - 2018, and during the period from 3 to 6 August, 2016 under the chairmanship of Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi - President of the Union, and the management Sheikh Ali Qurah Dagi - Secretary-General and the presence of a group of scholars who are members of the board of Trustees as well as some observers and guests.

It is expected that the Union will discuss issues of the nation, especially in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Kashmir and other issues that is in the concern of the Arab and Muslim world, but the global issues that have a relation.

It is worth mentioning that the program of the meeting includes several meetings and seminars, for scholars’ youth and mass by collaboration between the municipality of Konya and the IUMS.



IUMS – branch of Palestine and the Department of Islamic Studies at the University of Al-Aqsa organize a study day entitled "university professor between advocacy and education, and politics."


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